Russell Simmons Thankful For Friendship With Usher, Says They ‘Bonded’ Over Yogic Science As He Went Through The ‘Lowest Point’ In His Life

Russell Simmons Thankful For Friendship With Usher, Says They ‘Bonded’ Over Yogic Science As He Went Through The ‘Lowest Point’ In His Life

Russell Simmons is putting his brotherhood with Usher on display.

On social media, the entertainment mogul shared that Usher was there for him during a rough time. Russell Simmons and Usher bonded over their religious beliefs during that period. 

In an Instagram post, Russell Simmons said,

“i had known usher since he was a kid but we really bonded because of our mutual love for self discovery and our belief in Yogic science as a direct route to realizing Gods consciousness in ourselves.”

The Queens native added,

“People remember to remember this.. a friend walks in when others walk out … i will never forget this generosity of spirit i witnessed in this man God bless you baby bro @usher love you!!!!”

The post comes as Simmons is being accused of rape by a former executive at Def Jam Recordings.

The “Jane Doe” plaintiff, who is suing the hip-hop mogul, is described as a former senior music executive and video producer at the label.

On the day of the alleged assault in the late 1990s, the plaintiff claimed Simmons asked her to visit his apartment in New York to approve a new video. He initially began to “wrestle” with her “in an attempt to appear playful”, but the “situation escalated into aggression”, with him allegedly pinning her down on a bed.

According to the complaint filing, it read,

“Ms. Doe repeatedly told Mr Simmons to get off of her, but he refused. Mr. Simmons proceeded to rape her.”

The plaintiff also alleged she subsequently struggled to perform her executive job duties because of frequent panic attacks, depression and anxiety, and was subjected to repeated harassment by Simmons at Def Jam’s Manhattan offices.

The complaint also mentioned,

“He would sit on her desk, lean over her, aggressively invading her personal space while making sexual innuendos, suggestions and advances, and rubbing the front of his pants.”

The harassment became so pervasive, the suit alleged, that a senior executive would tell Simmons to leave his accuser’s office.

The complaint continued,

“Mr. Simmons would follow Ms. Doe to the door or block her path to prevent her from opening it again.”

After these alleged incidents, the plaintiff reportedly quit in 1997, moved to Los Angeles and worked as an executive producer for film and commercial production companies.

The complaint is one of a number brought against music business executives under New York’s Adult Survivors Act (ASA), including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jimmy Iovine, ex-Grammys chief executive Neil Portnow, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Jamie Foxx.

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Authored by: B Gregory