Saweetie Says She Was Hyper-Sexualized By Industry Executives: I Was Told I Should Twerk More

Saweetie Says She Was Hyper-Sexualized By Industry Executives: I Was Told I Should Twerk More

Rapper Saweetie wants her music to impact her fans meaningfully. 

In an Allure cover story, Saweetie, born Diamonte Harper, revealed why her debut album has yet to be released. 

Saweetie explained,

“I just feel like nobody was caring about my music.”

The Grammy-nominated rapper added, 

“To me, music is sacred. It’s coming from your spirit. You can’t just go finish an album in a week. That’s why it’s taking me so long.”


Saweetie fans seemingly agreed with what she stated in the interview, while others disagreed. 

The West Coast rapper shared her latest single ‘Richtivities’ on Feb. 23. 

Even though she’s battled her way to the top with hit singles like ‘Icy Girl’ or ‘My Type,’ Saweetie conveyed she sometimes feels like she doesn’t belong in the music industry after some hip-hop fans criticize her work after every music release, resulting in self-doubt. 

“I don’t mean to dampen the mood. But this is, realistically, how my career has been. We were constantly criticized for every drop. I was just very insecure. I’m a confident woman, but I was a very insecure artist.”

Saweetie also mentioned in the interview that she attended an artist boot camp to improve her skills since she felt unprepared for the stage. In contrast to other artists, she admitted rapping in the studio comes more naturally than being on stage. During a performance at the Triller Fight Club with Doja CatSaweetie felt she could have done better.

“That’s not my strength and that’s okay because you’re supposed to turn your weaknesses into strengths.”


The 30-year-old also expressed how she didn’t feel reliant on her team because, at one point, industry executives claimed she should rely on her sexuality or her body to become more successful.

“I was told I should twerk more on my Instagram. I was told that my voice was very boring. I was told that I rapped too monotone and needed more energy. I was told that I needed to share more of my life on the internet.”

Saweetie added, 

“I’m going to twerk when I want to. That’s not going to be my marketing. And if that’s what you truly love to do, then empower yourself through that. But that’s not innate to me. If I get caught at a party or if I’m turning up, okay, cool. But I’m not finna do that because you guys think I should. That’s lazy marketing.”

Saweetie’s debut album, which has yet to have a title, has been delayed yearly since 2021 but there’s no word on the project’s status or when it will be released. 

Do you think Saweetie’s insecurities as a musical artist have played a part in the delay of her debut album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Authored by: B Gregory