Russell Simmons Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault By Former Def Jam Recordings Executive, Woman Claims He Raped Her At His NY Apartment In The 90s

Russell Simmons Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault By Former Def Jam Recordings Executive, Woman Claims He Raped Her At His NY Apartment In The 90s

Russell Simmons is at the center of yet another sexual assault allegation.

Over recent years music mogul Russell Simmons has been living a rather obscure life in Bali, Indonesia. He moved there shortly after he was accused in 2017 by former Arista Records and Def Jam executive Drew Dixon of raping her in 1995. Russell Simmons, however, was not named in the complaint filed in that matter. However, since then, almost 20 women have accused the Def Jam Recordings co-founder of sexual misconduct.

Russell Simmons

In an interview back in December, the businessman broke his silence about how the allegations have changed his life. While firmly maintaining his innocence, Simmons stated,

“I’ve been insensitive, but certainly, I’ve never been forceful.”

However, despite his firm claims of innocence, it looks like he will now have to contend with similar allegations coming from a new accuser. On Tuesday (Feb. 13), a former Def Jam Recordings Executive filed a lawsuit against Simmons, claiming that he raped her at his New York apartment in the 90s. She is maintaining her anonymity and is referred to as “Jane Doe” in the filing.

Russell Simmons

The court documents indicate that in the 1990s, Simmons invited the accuser to his New York apartment under the pretense of reviewing a new video. Initially engaging in what appeared to be playful “wrestling,” the situation reportedly escalated into “aggression,” with Simmons pinning her down on a bed, according to the suit.

The complaint states that,

“Ms. Doe repeatedly told Mr. Simmons to get off of her, but he refused. Mr. Simmons proceeded to rape her.”

The legal filing further reveals that Simmons persistently harassed the plaintiff at the offices of Def Jam Recordings. To outline the alleged actions of Russell Simmons, the complaint states,

“He would sit on her desk, lean over her, aggressively invading her personal space while making sexual innuendos, suggestions, and advances, and rubbing the front of his pants. Mr. Simmons would follow Ms. Doe to the door or block her path to prevent her from opening it again.”

Russell Simmons

Within the lawsuit are allegations of battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violation of New York’s gender-motivated violence law. It was filed under the state’s Adult Survivors Act, which extends the timeframe for bringing sexual misconduct claims for one year irrespective of the statute of limitations.

The window for filing a lawsuit under this law closed in November. However, there is some uncertainty as to whether or not the lawsuit can proceed under the Act.

Russell Simmons

In the aftermath of the purported assault, the plaintiff encountered challenges in fulfilling her executive job responsibilities. This was reportedly due to recurring symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), including panic attacks, depression, and anxiety, according to the complaint.

The anonymous accuser also claims that Simmons‘ continuous harassment hindered her career progression and says that she resigned in 1997, shortly after the incident, opting instead to work as an executive producer for film and commercial production companies. These days she reportedly works as a writer and producer.

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Authored by: Candice O