Stephen A. Smith Recalls Jay-Z Calling Him After Proclaiming Rihanna ‘Ain’t No Beyoncé’: ‘Hov Was Like ‘That’s Family'”

Stephen A. Smith Recalls Jay-Z Calling Him After Proclaiming Rihanna ‘Ain’t No Beyoncé’: ‘Hov Was Like ‘That’s Family'”

According to Stephen A. Smith, Jay-Z didn’t take his Beyonce, and Rihanna comparisons too kindly.

During an appearance on daytime talk show “Sherri,” ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith was asked about Rihanna’s 2023 Super Bowl halftime show


He said this about the Fenty founder, 

“Ladies and gentlemen, she’s a lot of things—she’s spectacular, actually—and congratulations on new mamahood.”

(Rihanna shares sons RZA, 1, and Riot, 6 months, with boyfriend A$AP Rocky).

Stephen A. Smith boldly declared, 

“There’s one thing she’s not: She ain’t Beyoncé.” 

On the Connect the Dots podcast on Monday (March 4), the famous sports personality revealed how those comments spawned a conversation between him and the music mogul.

Smith admitted, 

“A month later, Hov and I were on the phone. Hov was like, ‘My dawg, you family, that’s family. That’s too close to say that.’ I said, ‘I didn’t know.’ He said, ‘I know.’ Done!”

He continued, 

“In other words, it’s a business, it’s a part of it, you don’t know how she’ll receive it, etc. etc. etc. That’s all he had to say. I appreciated that.”

For his original remarks, the Bronx native faced backlash after comparing Beyonce and Rihanna. He eventually apologized on social media,

“I just got out of First Take and I saw some headline that’s circulating all over the place about my quote that Rihanna ain’t Beyonce. See, I’m gonna own it. I know what y’all tryna do but I’m gon’ own it because I get paid to speak for a living so I need to be more careful.”

The seasoned analyst continued, 

“I want Rihanna to know: You’re a superstar, you’re sensational, you’re spectacular. You’re no joke. And you are a worthy person to be doing the Super Bowl halftime show.”

Still, Smith doubled down on his praise for Beyonce’s two Super Bowl Halftime performances in 2013 and 2016. He stated, 

“Now I’m a Beyoncé fan.”

He went on to say, 

“I think that Beyoncé is not only a phenomenal performer, but the phenomenal performer. And the only reason any kind of comparison came into play is because Beyoncé performed at halftime at the Super Bowl not just by herself, but one separate Super Bowl performance with Bruno Mars and Coldplay. And I thought that those were two of the greatest shows that I’ve ever seen.”

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Authored by: B Gregory