Lee Daniels Reveals Brother & Nephew In Jail, Sister On House Arrest [VIDEO]

Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels

Wednesday night, Empire’s Lee Daniels spoke passionately and transparently about his own family’s struggles, during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. Endorsing Hillary Clinton, he called her a true advocate for victims of gun violence. He revealed that his family has had their fair share of challenges and struggles.

I wondered if Hillary knew who I was, not just the work I do in entertainment, but who I really am.

He explained that his father, a cop, was killed in a robbery when he was 15. He also revealed that his sister is under house arrest and his brother and a nephew are in jail and he has cousins in and out of custody.

That’s the America I know and still I rise.

Daniels said that he came to trust Clinton’s commitment to help reduce gun violence, and he urged young voters not to sit out the election in November, calling it the

most important election of our lifetime.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams