Reesa Teesa’s Infamous Ex-Husband Speaks Out Against Her Claims + Explains Why He Didn’t Buy Her A BMW: ‘You Gotta Learn The Value Of A Buck’

Reesa Teesa’s Infamous Ex-Husband Speaks Out Against Her Claims + Explains Why He Didn’t Buy Her A BMW: ‘You Gotta Learn The Value Of A Buck’

Reesa Teesa’s ill-famed ex-husband shared his side of the story after her 50-part series “Who TF Did I Marry?!?” went viral on social media. 

Jerome McCoy, nicknamed “Legion” in the TikTok saga, recently appeared on the Simply Wavy podcast. During the interview, he slammed some of his ex-wife Reesa Teesa’s claims.

He explained that he never bought the Kennesaw State University graduate a dark-blue BMW X5 with a cognac interior because he wanted to teach Reesa Teesa, born Tareasa Johnson, “how to work” for the car.

“I’m not just going to give you an $80,000 car ’cause I’m your husband, and you deserve it.”

He added,

“I understand that part, but you gotta learn the value of a buck. We can’t just go out here all the time. You gotta understand the value of something, and you don’t wanna work for it. So help me, help you.”

Jerome McCoy said the only true part of Reesa Teesa’s 50-part story was that he “hid” money from her. He then addressed another part of his ex-wife’s lengthy TikTok series and said they never closed on the homes they looked at because he refused to show proof that he had the money to support his $700,000 all-cash offers. 


However, Jerome argued he only accompanied Teesa on two house tours. He emphasized that she independently visited properties at other times. During her solo house tours, Jerome claimed Teesa aggressively negotiated with realtors, giving the impression that he was ready to purchase. However, Jerome clarified that he lacked the upfront cash to buy a house and would need to secure financing through his bank.

“I wasn’t going to pay for it in cash. I was gonna go ahead and get a loan and finance the house. I wasn’t about to go spend $750,000 on a $600,500 [home]. No on that. No.”

He added,

“Because honestly, I told her before the budget for finding a house, we don’t need to be over 340 [$340k]. She started looking at houses that high.”


During the interview, Jerome also asserted his reluctance to buy a house because of Teesa’s alleged subpar credit, claiming he wanted her to focus on addressing significant student loan debt and car payments instead. He said he believed prioritizing debt repayment was more prudent than pursuing homeownership.

TikToker Reesa Teesa has captivated fans with her 50-part story chronicling her relationship with a man she said lied about his entire life. 

Reesa Teesa

She began the lengthy video series, 

“I’m going to tell the story of how I met, dated, married, and divorced a real pathological liar. I’m going to be truthful, even if it makes me look bad.”

Ultimately, she recounted the events, which she said took place between March 2020 and December 2021, in multiple nearly 10-minute videos as part of a series called “Who TF Did I Marry?!?”

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Authored by: B Gregory