Terry Crews Defends His Wife Against People Questioning Her Racial Identity: ‘She Was Raised In Black Culture’

Terry Crews Defends His Wife Against People Questioning Her Racial Identity: ‘She Was Raised In Black Culture’

Terry Crews is applauding his wife for the way she has managed constant critiques regarding her race.

In a recent discussion with NFL hall of famer, Shannon Sharpe on ‘Club Shay Shay’, the ‘White Chicks’ actor addressed questions regarding his wife’s racial identity.

As Shannon Sharpe ushered in the subject matter, he stated,

“Your wife’s color is always a subject that’s brought up. For the record, she’s Black. Correct?”

Terry Crews explained that his wife Rebecca King Crews was brought up in a Black household, with a Black mother and a White father.  He shared that she was raised in Gary, Indiana, a city predominantly populated by Black residents.

The TV personality said,

“She’s Black, yes, Black momma, White daddy, and been raised like that, but again, just ’cause she don’t have that kind of look, her momma is Black.”

He added,

“She’s from Gary, Indiana, bruh. My wife was Miss Gary, Indiana 1984. And Gary, Indiana is like Flint. Ain’t nothing but Black people. And she was raised in Black culture, so it wasn’t like she was raised in the outskirts.”

Shannon Sharpe also inquired about how the actor has been able to deal with frequent concerns over his wife’s racial background throughout their 40 years together. Terry Crews mentioned that it’s a persistent aspect of their lives. However, he emphasized they both have become accustomed to it.

Crews shared,

“In Gary, they knew she was Black because they saw her momma.”

He continued,

“But when we go to a new town, they like ‘Oh, she’s a White woman.”

Crews went on to share that he and his spouse have also had challenges when visiting Black churches as some parishioners would express issues with her, quickly concluding that she is White.

The actor took the time to praise his wife for how she has handled such questions, saying,

“This is what I admire about her. It never bothered her. She was like, ‘I love Black people, and even if some feel that I’m White, I understand it.'”

Crews added,

“That’s the way I had to start thinking because I would always get angry. But to watch her, the way she dealt with things peacefully, like ‘I’m not gonna go there. You know what? That’s trauma that they had to deal with, and I understand it. But I love them anyway.'”

The couple reportedly met during Crews’ sophomore year at Western Michigan University, where she served as a music minister at a nearby church. They tied the knot in 1989 and, have since, welcomed five children together, along with one grandchild.

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Authored by: Candice O