Update: Rick Ross Reacts To Tyreek Hill Calling Him Out Over Posting Footage Of His Florida Mansion On Fire: ‘I Wasn’t Picking On You Homie’


Update: Rick Ross Reacts To Tyreek Hill Calling Him Out Over Posting Footage Of His Florida Mansion On Fire: ‘I Wasn’t Picking On You Homie’

Update #3 (March 7, 2024): Rick Ross has a message for Tyreek Hill. The rapper told the NFL star he meant no ill will when posting footage of his Florida mansion on fire earlier this year.

He said on his Instagram Story Wednesday (March 6) that he made a point to not post any footage of Tyreek Hill’s family members who were outside of the home. Rick Ross also noted that helicopters, believed to be news stations, were flying overhead to capture footage the fire, so he wasn’t the one who broke the news to the public. He added,

“Tyreek Hill, I wasn’t picking on you, homie. I wasn’t picking on you at all. First of all I’m assuming you a All-Pro, wealthy, great homeowners insurance, who gon’ go get new porcelain floors, marble walls, pillars. So it ain’t nothing to pick on you about.”

Update #2: (March 6, 2024): Tyreek Hill isn’t happy with his neighbor Rick Ross. 

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver took issue with the Hustlin’ rapper for sharing a video of his home as it was surrounded in flames in January.

During an appearance on The Pivot Podcast, Tyreek Hill said he was at practice when his home caught on fire, adding,

“First off, I just want to say, Rick Ross bruh, I can’t vibe with you now. I can’t f*ck with you no more bruh.”

He briefly paused to answer a call from his grandparents before adding,

“Rick Ross, man. You ain’t even come over. You had the audacity to talk to a fireman. You got my number. You get on Twitter, posting me all over Twitter after what me and my family went through. You’re supposed to be the neighbor, the neighborhood hero.”

Co-host Fred Taylor, who also lives in the neighborhood, said he was home but unlike Rick Ross, didn’t “say a thing” publicly about Tyreek Hill’s house being on fire. He continued,

“By the time I got out there it was 16 fire trucks. I was in the house on the treadmill doing cardio. I walked down, I’m like ‘Oh no, this ain’t good.'”

He mimicked Rick Ross holding up his cell phone to capture video of the flames and added,

“I seen Rozay over there, ‘I think this is electrical ’cause the smoke is dark.'”

Hill continued calling out the rapper and said he also used the moment to plug his business.

“Then he wanna say something about Wing Stop on there. I’m like ‘Yo! Don’t try to use me for promotion bruh.”

He later shared that he still doesn’t know what happened, but appeared to be disappointed by his family’s reaction.

“Going through that feeling right there, that was the worst thing ever. Everything that you work hard for — my mom, my nephew, my sister, I had everybody living with me. My wife, she was gone at the moment. And it’s like, people won’t take care of your stuff the same way you would. That’s the most hurtful feeling ever. I try to be that nice guy where I take care of my family and help them out a little bit. But it’s like, ‘Dang, can you at least take care of the stuff I work hard for please?'”

He later confirmed that no one was injured.

See Rick Ross’ video on the incident below.


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Update #1: (Jan 4, 2024): We now know how the fire started at Tyreek Hill’s Florida mansion.

According to new reports, the fire at the $6.9 million property was caused by a child playing with a lighter. It was speculated that the incident began somewhere upstairs, where most of the bedrooms are said to be located, as firefighters seemed to pay close attention to that area while putting out the flames.

A spokesperson for the Davie Fire Department in Florida confirmed the theory, sharing that investigators believe a minor initiated the “accidental” blaze inside a bedroom while playing with a lighter.

At this time, the amount of damage caused to the home is unknown.


Original Story: (Jan 3, 2024): Tyreek Hill’s 2024 has seemingly started a little rocky.

According to reports, today (Jan. 3) while the Miami Dolphins star was at practice his $6.9 million Florida mansion caught on fire. Footage taken by local news stations captured Tyreek Hill, 29, arriving at the property and embracing his wife, Keeta Vaccaro, as the fire department worked to put out the flames. At the time of this report, it’s unclear what exactly started the fire. However, firefighters reportedly appeared to pay close attention to the highest parts of the mansion, which is where a den, theatre, and many of the bedrooms are said to be located.

Tyreek Hill & his wife

Aerial footage showed thick grey smoke coming from the property as firefighters cut a hole in the roof and showered the home in water to battle the blaze. There were people reportedly inside when the fire started around 2 p.m., however, everyone was thankfully able to exit the residence with no injuries.

In other Tyreek Hill news, a few weeks ago the professional athlete made headlines for being hit with two paternity and child support suits from two different women. The lawsuits were filed shortly after he married his longtime girlfriend.

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