Rick Ross And Cristina Mackey Split 2 Weeks Ago, She Confirms After He Was Seen w/ Other Women: ‘I Don’t Feel Played’

Rick Ross, Cristina Mackey

Rick Ross And Cristina Mackey Split 2 Weeks Ago, She Confirms After He Was Seen w/ Other Women: ‘I Don’t Feel Played’

Update (March 7): Cristina Mackey and Rick Ross are officially over, she confirmed via Threads on Wednesday (March 6).

The fitness entrepreneur said she’s staying positive after the breakup, writing,

“I’ve never experienced “getting left”, I’m just not docile. I don’t feel played; the sales on Mackeybody.com are thriving, and I’m grateful.”

She continued,

“The situation was beautiful, and I meant every word during our amazing six-month run. If others are upset about my joy/pride in the moment, that’s their stress to bear.”

Cristina Mackey briefly detailed their breakup and added,

“We had a clean break two weeks ago, and I never pretended to be the last. I embrace both positive and negative traction with love. And no, I won’t be appearing on anyone’s podcast. ?”

She also reposted a thread from a fan who wrote,

“The love gave me an opportunity to learn about who you are and I am grateful. I believe you have a sweet spirit, blessings to you.”

Original Story (March 3): Looks like Rick Ross and his latest girlfriend Cristina Mackey may have called it quits.

Speculations that the two split have been swirling around the internet recently and were seemingly reinforced by a club appearance and a gym session.

Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross

Social media users noted Rick Ross‘ seemingly single behavior while he was out partying with Soulja Boy over the weekend. In several videos the 48-year-old, real name William Leonard Roberts, is seen dancing with pretty women surrounding him. One woman in particular rests her hand on the Maybach Music founder’s shoulders, suggesting they may have been at the club even together.

Meanwhile Cristina Mackey opted to spend her time maintaining her fit physique. Amid breakup rumors, the 27-year-old went live at her gym and was discussing cheat meals when one of Ross‘ songs began playing on the radio. As soon as the record started, Mackey stopped mid sentence, gave a disappointing look, and ended the live video.

During another moment in the live, the entrepreneur was answering questions from her followers when she was allegedly asked whether or not she and Ross were still together. She responded with:

“Don’t ask” 

At this time neither Ross nor Mackey have spoken publicly about the alleged breakup. It is notable, however, that Mackey recently cleansed her social media page of all traces of the musician. The couple went public with their romance back in December of 2023 and Mackey consistently battle internet chatter about only dating Ross for his money and status, which she responded with a video stating:

“It’s something about a man that can keep you in your power that’ll make you wanna ride until the wheels fall off! What? It’s no way I care about what you think! It’s no way. It’s no way that you think that I think that I care about what you think. Couldn’t be true.”

Despite her fiercely defending their love, it seems things may have come to an end for the couple.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson