Diddy Accused Of Threatening Social Media Star Josh Ostrovsky, AKA ‘The Fat Jewish’, After He Allegedly Saw Music Mogul Being Intimate w/ Another Man

Diddy and Josh Ostrovsky aka ‘The Fat Jewish’

Diddy Accused Of Threatening Social Media Star Josh Ostrovsky, AKA ‘The Fat Jewish’, After He Allegedly Saw Music Mogul Being Intimate w/ Another Man

Another entertainment professional is coming forward with an alarming story about Diddy’s alleged violence.

Social media star Josh Ostrovsky recently recalled the time he was threatened by the Bad Boys founder after allegedly witnessing him being intimate with another man.

Josh Ostrovsky

Josh Ostrovsky, 42, told the story during a recent podcast interview and explained that he once saw Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, 54, cuddled up in a room full of men while attending a “black excellence” event with his DJ friend back in the day. Explaining how the situation allegedly went down, he stated:

“I was at a party in Miami that I should not have been at…I took ecstasy and I end up walking around…I walked in a room I shouldn’t have walked into and I saw him like hooking up with a dude, basically, like full spooning situation – this guy Felix Da Housecat.”

He continued:

“I then told the story on a podcast and then his people called me and were like ‘you need to say you were joking, say you’re a funny guy and made it up for views’… I was like ‘but no I did not, I saw it’…He basically had people call me and like threaten me.”

Ostrovsky went on to claim that he subsequently told the story again during an appearance on Hot 97 with famed radio personality Ebro. However, the internet star says that Ebro refused to air that portion of the interview, seemingly out of fear that Diddy might retaliate. Ostrovsky continued in the interview:

“Then I talked about it on Hot 97 and they wouldn’t air it, Ebro who does the morning show…he was like ‘I’m not gonna run this interview because Diddy’s insane, he blew up Kid Cudi’s car’…but I’ve been talking about this Diddy sh*t for years and now its like out there.”


The latest Diddy horror story comes amid the billionaire’s ongoing string of sexual assault and abuse allegations. If you recall, the career-damaging accusations came thrashing to the forefront when his ex Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura filed a $30 million abuse lawsuit against him last year which was settled the next day. In her filing, the 37-year-old singer also reiterated the story about Diddy allegedly blowing up Kid Cudi’s car for flirting with her, which Cudi later confirmed to be true.

Most recently, Diddy was accused of drugging and raping music producer Lil Rod. In his suit, Lil Rod alleged that the REVOLT founder previously had sexual relations with fellow producer Stevie J, as well as a popular rapper from Philly who dated Nicki Minaj and a Super Bowl performing singer who had a successful Las Vegas residency. Though the names of the individuals were redacted, many have suspected that Meek Mill and Usher were also allegedly Diddy’s sexual partners at some point.

It does not appear that Diddy nor his team has reacted to Ostrovsky’s claims at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson