Future Says His ‘Dreams’ Of Being Home w/ His Kids & Getting Married Doesn’t ‘Gel’ w/His Rockstar Lifestyle


Future Says His ‘Dreams’ Of Being Home w/ His Kids & Getting Married Doesn’t ‘Gel’ w/His Rockstar Lifestyle

Rap star Future wants to have it all, eventually.

During a recent interview, the “I Never Liked You” artist opened up about wanting to spend more time with his kids and dreams of one day getting married. While the 38-year-old musician is well known for his playboy persona, Future, who recently changed his government name to Nayvadius Cash, said he does aim to eventually settle down. However, according to the Atlanta native, his rockstar lifestyle currently prevents that from happening.

Speaking on his long-term goals, Future told Billboard:

“Being at home with my kids, man it would be way different. That’s a life I never lived….That’s one of my dreams,”


He continued:

“It’s easy for other people but it’s just for me….rockstar lifestyle it just don’t gel well.”

Altogether, Future has a total of 8 children with 8 different women. Included, is the musician’s child with celebrity choreographer Joie Chavis and another child, which he vehemently denied was his, with social media personality Eliza Reign.

Future, Joie Chavis & Son

The alleged toxic nature of Future’s relationships is, at many times, the subject of his music. Back in 2013, the “Mask Off” rapper famously dated, impregnated, and got engaged to R&B princess Ciara. The celebrity couple welcomed a son named Future in 2014, who Cici is currently parenting alongside husband and NFL star Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson, Ciara, & Children

Earlier this month, Ciara circulated headlines after allegedly stating her breakup with Future was “the best thing” she ever did. However, the “Jump” singer later stated her words were misconstrued for clickbait.

More recently, Future has been tied to women a little younger than he is. The internet had a field day after it was reported that model and socialite Lori Harvey, 25, dropped the musician. Harvey is also well known for seemingly jumping in and out of relationships.

Future’s latest romantic link has been with rapper and social media influence Dess Dior, 24. The two have been mostly quiet about the relationship after a few on-again-off-again dating rumors. However, Future shouted out the fellow rapper following her EP release back in September.

Dess Dior, Future

While it seems the rap star has no plans of slowing down his career just yet, Future is seemingly hopeful his dreams will one day be realized. Subsequent previous statements, the musician said he believes he can have it all eventually, stating:

“I feel like I can have both but when the time right…It ain’t nothing that I’m really chasing, but I do dream of it, and I do want it. But I’m not chasing it though I want it to come to me….I swear I’d probably pick the wrong girl or something, if I was just chasing it.”

You can read Future’s profile interview with Billboard below.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson