Nicki Minaj Seemingly Goes Off On Production Team Member During ‘Pink Friday 2 World Tour’

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Seemingly Goes Off On Production Team Member During ‘Pink Friday 2 World Tour’

Things appeared to get a little intense during Nicki Minaj’s latest tour stop.

Rapper Nicki Minaj, 41, is currently embarking on her fourth tour as the main act in support of her fifth studio album Pink Friday 2. The tour is set to span across Europe and North America, totaling 57 shows. Unfortunately, the Trinidadian rapper seems to have recently encountered some issues with someone on her team while performing in Seattle.

Nicki Minaj

In the newly surfaced footage, Nicki Minaj can be seen onstage as a woman walked up to her to seemingly assist with her hair. The “Everybody” lyricist appeared to become quickly agitated with the lady for reasons unknown. As the woman attempted to rectify the situation, Nicki appeared to yell at the staffer before turning away to continue with her performance.


It looks like Nicki’s show in Seattle has had its fair share of mishaps. According to a recent report, the sold-out tour stop faced other minor issues such as missed cues and delayed wardrobe changes.

While the rhymer hasn’t addressed the dilemmas directly, this wouldn’t be the only drama that has gone down since the kickoff of her tour. Earlier this month, Nicki faced backlash after being accused of stealing choreography for the extensive tour.

Donté Colley

As previously reported, professional dancer/choreographer Donté Colley called out the rapper for utilizing his viral TikTok dance for her song “FTCU” amid the tour. Despite Donté Colley taking ownership of his dance moves, he said he was never properly compensated for his work. However, the creative director of the tour, Casper Smart, argued that the dancer was offered payment and free tickets to the show in his hometown along with a meet and greet.

Donté Colley responded to the claims in a video addressing what he was allegedly offered for his work. He said,

“Let me just set the record straight here, I did not decline any concert tickets. I didn’t decline the opportunity for a meet and greet. I didn’t demand, I asked for the opportunity to perform on stage, and that wasn’t a possibility so we moved on. I was offered an amount that was under $100 and I was told that $2000 was for a song and I would be pro-rated an amount for an 8-count. I would never consider selling my work for that amount.”


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Donté also followed up on Nicki’s previous tweet addressing the matter and said,

“I really appreciate Nicki tweeting, saying that she wanted to make things right. However, the person that she has put in charge has not made this a positive experience, and all I asked for was for her to repost the original video and to tag me, just like the other videos. And if that’s not possible, to just remove the choreo.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely