Update: Tyrese And Zelie Timothy Reunite After Singer Claimed She Broke Up With Him Over New Songs About His Ex-Wife: ‘We Lock’d In’

Update: Tyrese And Zelie Timothy Reunite After Singer Claimed She Broke Up With Him Over New Songs About His Ex-Wife: ‘We Lock’d In’

Update (Feb. 15): Love is still in the air for Tyrese and Zelie Timothy.

It looks like the pair, whom Tyrese alleged broke up earlier this week, are now back together.

He shared a series of Instagram images of them on Valentine’s Day and wrote,

“apology tours with Leo’s are very very real…… Tyrese.Tv”

Adding a sweet message for the influencer, he continued,

If apologizing would’ve taken me another two weeks, I would’ve did it because you’re worth it. I’m sorry babe. I love you happy Valentines. @zelietimothy you ARE the BEAUTY that I’ve discovered in my pain…. Tyrese.Tv is live for only 8 more hours…… She’s giving me dirty looks now writing this loooonnngggg ass caption lol”

Zelie Timothy was spotted in the comment section as she wrote,

“We lock’d in ?”

Original Story (Feb. 12): Tyrese is a single man.

In a video post on Instagram, the actor and singer shared a trailer for his new and upcoming album “Beautiful Pain.” In the same post, Tyrese revealed that his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, broke up with him because he had “too many songs” about his ex-wife, Samantha Lee, on the album.

Tyrese, Zelie Timothy

Tyrese wrote, 

“And me and Zelie just broke up over some dumb sh*t.”

He went on to say,

“She demanded that I cancel my ALBUM because there’s too many songs about my ex on there… f*ck does that even mean?”

In a follow-up post, Tyrese shared a trailer for his album.


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Samantha Lee and Tyrese married in 2017 and welcomed their daughter Soraya in 2018. Two years later, they announced their divorce. 

Tyrese, Samantha Gibson

In an episode on ‘The Hardly Initiated’ podcast, Samantha Lee opened up about her divorce from Tyrese, which she expressed regrets over. 

Tyrese & wife Samantha

According to the fitness and beauty influencer, she was “emotionally intoxicated” when she decided to sign the papers and seemingly suggested that her friends influenced her.

A few months after their split, Zelie Timothy and Tyrese started dating in March 2021.

Since then, they’ve been on and off. Before the most recent split, Zelie Timothy and Tyrese broke up in 2022. At that time, the R&B singer went on a rant about it in an Instagram post.

It started with a bizarre video of a small deer wrapped around a snake’s hold.

For the caption, Tyrese wrote, 

“Stop trying to convince me that your daughter is not a SNAKE….. I just want to be released from this strong devilish allure the sexual seduction of a masterful manipulator who knows how to [convince everyone that she’s not mean of there to KILL YOU ] please God RELEASE ME – RELEASE ME FROM YOUR POISON RELEASE FROM YIUR STRONG HOLD RELEASE ME I BELONG TO THE KINGDOM……”

The California-bred music artist then declared that he wants to “get married and settle down,” adding that he would like to “really really nest and embrace the comforts of this family and married life.”

Beautiful Pain’ is the seventh studio album by singer and actor Tyrese, set to be released later on in May 2024. The theme of this album is about his recent divorce from Samantha Lee. The first single is “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me” featuring gospel stars Le’Andria Johnson and Kim Burrell.

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Authored by: B Gregory