Lil Nas X Channels ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Blade’ In Sci-Fi Music Video For ‘Rodeo’ Remix Feat. Nas

Lil Nas X Channels ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Blade’ In Sci-Fi Music Video For ‘Rodeo’ Remix Feat. Nas

Grammy winner Lil Nas X (real name Montero Hill) 20, is back with a new visual. This time it’s for his latest single “Rodeo.” On Thursday (Feb. 6th), Lil’ Nas took on the hit movie, The Matrix, for his latest visual in a Sci-Fi supernatural video all under the direction of Los Angeles duo Bradley & Pablo. The clip opens with Lil Nas X in a neon green phone booth, paying homage to 1984’s Repo Man.

He then receives a threatening phone call from a disguised voice claiming “I want to play a game.” Lil Nas X is then attacked and bitten by a vampire. The 20-year-old evolves as he stumbles under the full moon.

Later, Lil Nas X links up with the rap OG Nas, who gives his best Blade impression. The legendary rapper names the duo, “Big Nas and Little Nas.”

Next, the video takes more from The Matrix, with a dramatic gun down as Lil Nas X takes a red pill, which successfully unlocks his superpowers to save the day and avoid complete disaster.

Lil Nas X spoke on collaborating with the Hip-Hop legend in a sit-down with Billboard.

“I thought it would be its own moment for hip-hop. Just to have that whole [idea] of ‘Nas doesn’t like Lil Nas’ perish.”

On what advice Big Nas gave him,

“It was dope of him to hop on the song. The best advice he told me was to ‘Keep your foot on their necks.'”

Lil Nas X was nominated for six Grammys taking home his first golden trophy for Best Music Video for “Old Town Road” with Billy Ray Cyrus and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Check  out the video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette