‘Love Is Blind’ Star Clay Gravesande’s Best Friend Claims Ex-Fiancée AD Had A Sugar Daddy While On The Show & Lied About Her Finances: ‘Ask Her To Show Us One House She Sold’

‘Love Is Blind’ Star Clay Gravesande’s Best Friend Claims Ex-Fiancée AD Had A Sugar Daddy While On The Show, Lied About Her Finances & Being A Realtor: ‘Ask Her To Show Us One House She Sold’

Well, it looks like there were a lot of things ‘Love Is Blind’ stars Clay Gravesande and AD (aka Amber Smith) didn’t see coming about each other.

According to Clay Gravesande’s right-hand man, AD supposedly hasn’t been upfront about her lifestyle and how she’s maintained it.

Amber ‘AD’ Smith, Clay Gravesande

If you didn’t know, recently, AD sat down with ‘Catfish’ host Kamie Crawford for an exclusive chat on her podcast, ‘Relationsh*t.’ 

During the conversation, the real estate broker opened up about her failed romance with Clay Gravesande — who left her at the altar on the finale of ‘Love Is Blind’ season 6 — and the hoopla surrounding the viral occurrence.

Additionally, in a preview clip of the episode, AD can be heard speaking on her finances, where she assures that she’s always been pretty and paid. (In the finale, Gravesande said AD’s finances were a concern for him, citing that as one reason he did not marry her.)

The 33-year-old told Kamie Crawford,

“My finances have never been funny, to make that very clear. Never funny, honey.”

Amber ‘AD’ Smith

Following AD’s interview, a user named @headbanshawti hopped into the Instagram comment section and alleged that she had a “sponsor” on her roster while dealing with Gravesande.

He wrote:

“I’m Clay’s best friend and we both been living out in Charlotte for years now. AD’s finances are in fact funny. She has a Suga Daddy that is funding her life. [He] bought her a car and apartment. She not a realtor, ask her to show us one house she sold or a picture she took with someone in front of the house she just sold them. I’ll wait.”

The individual added,

“The [nerve] to do a press run to lie on a dude that has said nothing but kind, respectful things about her is nasty work.”

Clay Gravesande, Amber ‘AD’ Smith

He then furthered by claiming that AD’s mystery man even had a face-to-face with Gravesande:

“November 2023, around her birthday, her sugar daddy confronted Clay and I outside the club, stating he was still involved with her and had been the entire time and told Clay to stop messing with her.”

So far, there’s been no word from Gravesande to support his homie’s claims.

As previously reported, the 6x NCAA All-American came under fire earlier this month after refusing to jump the broom with AD.

Standing before AD and a crowd of family and friends, he bluntly expressed,

“This has been the best process. AD, I love you. I don’t think it’s responsible for me to say ‘I do.’ But I want you to know that I’m rocking with you. I just don’t think it’s responsible for me to say ‘I do,’ at this point, when I still need work.”

Clay Gravesande

Not too long ago, Gravesande stopped by ‘The Tamron Hall Show,’ where he applauded AD for being an “amazing person in his life.”

Do you think AD was being 100% honest with Clay? Let us know your thoughts below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell