Child Star Chris Massey Says ‘My Story Will Be Told From Me & Only ME’ After His & Kyle Massey’s Mother Defends Ex-Nickelodeon Producer Dan Schneider, Who’s Accused Of Sexualizing Young Actors

Child Star Chris Massey Says ‘My Story Will Be Told From Me & Only ME’ After His & Kyle Massey’s Mother Defends Ex-Nickelodeon Producer Dan Schneider, Who’s Accused Of Sexualizing Young Actors

Update (March 22): Chris Massey doesn’t want anyone telling his story for him.

He spoke out after his mother received backlash for supporting former Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider, who is accused of behaving inappropriately with child actors.

Chris Massey wrote via his Instagram Story,

“my story will be told from me….. not from a parent, a friend, a co worker ….. ME !!! and only ME …so please stop messaging me about what my mom said…. respectfully [praying hands Emoji]”

Meanwhile, his and fellow child actor Kyle Massey’s mother, Angela Massey, is standing by her remarks. She shared a video of a woman leaving her a scathing voicemail. Angela Massey responded in a follow-up video and called the woman “Ignoreesha.” She noted that she would naming fellow callers and commenters, stating,

“If you think you’re bothering me, you’re not. You’re not bothering me at all.”

See her full video below.

Dan Schneider has also spoken out amid the accusations.

Original Story (March 21): The mother of child actors Chris and Kyle Massey has nothing but good things to say about producer Dan Schneider.

In the wake of Schneider being accused of behaving inappropriately with child actors, Angela Massey insists the producer isn’t guilty of any wrongdoings and blame should be placed on neglectful parents.

Chris, Angela, & Kyle Massey

Angela Massey showed her support for the former TV exec in a string of posts uploaded to her Instagram page. In one post, she shared an image of her son Chris Massey, star of the hit Nick series Zoey 101, on stage with Schneider at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Adding text over the post, Angela wrote:

“Dan Schneider You are awesome. You are a genius I can’t thank this guy enough for the opportunity he gave my son @chrismasseytmb and my family. BLAME THE PARENTS NOT DAN”

In another post, Angela shared an article about Schneider denying the allegations and stated that the media should instead focus documentary efforts on TMZ founder and producer Harvey Levin, who she alleged has sexual abuse allegations of his own. She wrote as a text over the post:

“@chrismasseytmb and my family had an exemplary experience with Dan Schneider / Define “toxic work environment” / TMZ was accused of toxic work environment. Do a documentary on Harvey Levins”

Angela also posted several emails she sent to the publication asking them to share updated information about her son’s sexual misconduct with a minor case. If you recall, Kyle Massey was accused of sending a 13-year-old explicit photos of himself via Snapchat back in 2021. According to Angela, however, the allegations were “false” and Kyle is actually a victim of legal misrepresentation, which she wants TMZ to help rectify.

In one of her emails written to execs at the media outlet, Angela wrote:

“Do you mind please running an UPDATED story on Kyle Massey false allegation. King County made up documents and falsified documents on Kyle. They have no evidence on him AT ALL. Kyle is the victim of ineffective counsel.”

She added:

“I am asking for your help as Kyle need to get his life back. He has been out of work for coming on 3 years in JUNE for a completely made up METOO SCAM and false allegation,”

While it doesn’t appear that Angela was ever successful in enlisting TMZ’s help to clear Kyle’s name, she did continue in subsequent posts showing more support for Schneider. In case you’re unfamiliar with the situation, Schneider’s misconduct allegations were given a new spotlight following the recently released documentary Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. The 4 part docuseries gave way for several former Nick employees and child actors, including Nick stars Drake Bell, Bryan Hearne, and Giovonnie Samuels, to give their recounts of sexual and mental exploitation they (allegedly) regularly faced on set.

Their fellow Nick alum Amanda Bynes did not personally appear in the doc, but social media users quickly connected her very public mental spiral to the abuse she likely faced at the hands of Schneider and other predatory adults at the network. Specifically, discourse began around a skit that Bynes and Schneider were in together, where he played Moses and she asked him a series of questions while they were both in a hot tub.

As Chris Massey starred on Zoey 101 for 4 seasons, it’s safe to say that Angela has indeed had ample experience dealing with the network and Schneider. However, commenters seem to feel that even if her experience differs from the accusers, she should remain out of the conversation.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson