Soledad O’Brien & Isaiah Washington Argue Over #Blexit Photo

Soledad O’Brien, Isaiah Washington

Soledad O’Brien & Isaiah Washington Argue Over #Blexit Photo

Isaiah Washington and Soledad O’Brien ended their weekend with a Twitter feud.

It started when Washington posted a photo of him and a few other Black men to support #Blexit, the initiative for Blacks to exit the Democratic party Sunday (Oct. 6). O’Brien seemed to think the photo was funny.

She then responded after he warned her,

“Perhaps you should do a little more research on me before you go down this path. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s hop on call before you are forced to block me and this becomes nasty.”

She wrote,

“Or… I can just ignore you. Bless your heart, though. (And don’t threaten people. It’s not becoming.)”

She then told him to worry about himself, but he seemed to take issue with her calling him “babe.”

Washington also responded back after O’Brien blocked one of her critics.

While O’Brien stopped responding, Washington still had a few more words for her and others who had an issue with his #Blexit photo.

He then seemed to shut down speculation that the President is racist.

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Authored by: Char Patterson