Jeannie Mai Against Jeezy’s Request To Seal ‘Sensitive’ Records In Divorce Battle, Questions His ‘Motivations For Trying To Limit The Public’s Access To The Case’


Jeannie Mai, Jeezy

Jeannie Mai Against Jeezy’s Request To Seal ‘Sensitive’ Records In Divorce Battle, Questions His ‘Motivations For Trying To Limit The Public’s Access To The Case’

Former love birds Jeannie Mai and Jeezy, 46,  just can’t seem to get on the same page.

Last month the rapper, real name Jay Wayne Jenkins, filed a motion to have the court seal “sensitive and personal and financial information” in the divorce proceedings with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Jeannie Mai, 45. Jeezy also requested that filings related to their two-year-old daughter be kept private from the public as well.

The motion read,

“The parties are both public figures. Since the filing of this action, they and, most importantly, their Child, have become the subject of intense media scrutiny and publications in connection with their divorce action that are directly contrary to the best interests of the Child.”

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

And continued,

“In addition, this litigation, tragically, is becoming increasingly more contentious and, as a result, it is inevitable that sensitive personal and financial information, and information related to the Child, will necessarily be discussed and disclosed as the parties explore the issues incident to their divorce.”

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to make this request, however, Jeannie Mai is seemingly questioning Jeezy’s motives behind doing so. According to a report from RadarOnline, the media personality has fired back at the “Put On” artist’s request, asking the judge over the case to deny his plea.

Responding to Jeezy’s petition, Jeannie Mai noted that she had “refrained from detailing specifics” in her divorce filings, “aiming for an amicable resolution, which remains her goal.”

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

She continued,

“Since the commencement of these proceedings, there has indeed been increased media attention, which was a foreseeable consequence given the parties’ celebrity status.”

Appearing to side-eye her ex’s demand, the motion added,

“The timing of [Jeezy’s] Motion to Seal, six months into the proceedings, raises questions regarding his motivations for trying to limit the public’s access to the case. Nonetheless, [Mai] contends that sealing the court records at this time is unnecessary and unwarranted.”

Reportedly, her lawyer argued,

“There is a presumption that the public has a right to access the court to ensure that proceedings are conducted fairly and impartially and that the judicial process is open and accountable.”

At the time of this report, it doesn’t look like the judge has ruled on the matter.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel