Former Ike & Tina Backup Singer P.P. Arnold Claims She Was Raped By Ike Turner In New Memoir: I Despised Ike On That Level

P.P. Arnold, Ike Turner

Former Ike & Tina Backup Singer P.P. Arnold Claims She Was Raped By Ike Turner In New Memoir: I Despised Ike On That Level

Former Ikette P.P. Arnold is not holding back in her upcoming biography.

In the book, titled Soul Survivor, Patrician ‘P.P.’ Arnold discussed her 1 year stint as a backup singer for the band Ike & Tina, revealing she was raped by its founding member Ike Turner. As portrayed in the 1993 biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It, musician and songwriter Ike Turner had a long history of violent abuse. His famous ex-wife and former lead singer, Tina Turner, arguably suffered the most at his hands. However, as Arnold has reminded, the list of individuals abused by Ike seems to continue to unfold.

Ike & Tina

Speaking in an interview about the alleged incident – only revealed in the new memoir, Arnold stated:

“What can I say? It was awful.”

She continued:

“I despised Ike on that level, but I didn’t know how to express myself.”

Reportedly, The First Lady Of Immediate artist claims her former bandmate trapped her in a hotel room before forcing himself on her. Arnold says she heard Tina wanted to get rid of her because she knew her then husband had set his eyes on Arnold, but remained in the group anyway. Explaining why she never told anyone nor left, she continued:

“If I had run to Tina or called my parents, it would have meant I would have [had] to come home.”

Tina Turner

The soul singer says she feared her then husband’s response to the assault, who she claims suffered “deep anger”. Thus, returning home was not an option for her. Despite the tragic occurrence Arnold reportedly was able to keep herself together, going on to have a rather successfully U.K. career. Reportedly, the rhythm and blues soul singer collaborated with rock and roll greats such as Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, Ron Wood and Keith Richards, as well made friends with musical stars such as Jimi Hendrix.

Arnold also reportedly claimed in the memoir that she and Mick Jagger were involved romantically. Alleging that she was once impregnated by the international star, though they both ultimately agreed to terminate the pregnancy.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson