Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Addresses Critics Referring To Him As The City’s ‘DEI Mayor’: ‘They Don’t Have The Courage To Say The N-Word’

Brandon Scott

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Addresses Critics Referring To Him As The City’s ‘DEI Mayor’: ‘They Don’t Have The Courage To Say The N-Word’

Mayoral elect Brandon Scott gave a sharp response to those who have been recently criticizing his job as Baltimore’s mayor.

The 39-year-old accused internet trolls who have been claiming he “didn’t earn” his political gig of being closeted racists, after they trashed his response to the city’s collapsed bridge.

Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott spoke on the matter during a recent interview with MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid on Wednesday night (March 27th). The politician was asked his thoughts about critics calling him a “DEI mayor,” stating in response:

“I know, and we all know, and you know very well that Black men and young Black men in particular have been the boogyman for those who are racist and think that only straight wealthy white men should have a say in anything. We’ve been the boogyman for them since the day they brought us to this country,”

He continued:

“What they mean by DEI, in my opinion, is duly elected incumbent. We know what they want to say but they don’t have the courage to say the N-word.” 

Scott went on to state that staunchly objecting to his critics’ “untruthful and wrong ideology” makes them fearful because they understand their way of comfortable living at the expense of others is at risk with him at Baltimore’s helm. In case you’re unfamiliar, the question was brought to Scott after DEI trended across social media recently. The term, which technically refers to “diversity, equity, and inclusion” was repurposed to mean “didn’t earn it” by naysayers who disapprove of Scott and several other minority politicians.

The derogatory renaming of DEI reportedly ran rampant on social media following a press conference Scott held on the collapse of the city’s Francis Scott Key Bridge earlier this week. If you recall, the tragedy was reportedly caused by a rogue ship that lost power and is assumed to have taken the lives of at least 6 individuals.

It seems many of Scott’s critics used the disaster to take aim at his capabilities to lead effectively. Some social media users slammed Scott for his interview with Reid, arguing that he’s all around not fit for his job. One user wrote:

“Baltimore Suffers a Catastrophic Bridge Collapse and What does the Mayor do? Goes on Racist Joy Reid’s show to complain about white people. Nobody gives a crap about the color of your skin tone, as long as you’re competent and do your job well. Has anyone been to Baltimore lately? It’s a fooking rat infested, drug infested, homicidal nightmare. As a someone who’s lived in and around Baltimore most of my life, democrats fooking SUCK at their job.”

Many supporters of Scott came to his defense, however. Several agreed with the politician’s claim that critics have been hung up on his age and race since he was elected in 2020. Some Black commenters even jokingly began referring to one another as DEIs. One user wrote:


For the most part, other commenters fell on completely polarized ends of the DEI conversation.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson