Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Gene Deal Says He’s Willing To Testify Against The Hip-Hop Mogul: ‘He Let That Money, Power & Respect Go To His Head’

Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Gene Deal Says He’s Willing To Testify Against The Hip-Hop Mogul: ‘He Let That Money, Power & Respect Go To His Head’

As his legal battles rage on, someone who used to work closely with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs explained why he’s ready to testify against the hitmaking rapper.

The Bad Boys Records founder’s former bodyguard, Gene Deal, expressed his willingness to take the stand in a conversation with The Art of Dialogue. He first noted that he believes Cassie will testify if she’s subpoenaed after she sued Diddy in a disturbing lawsuit that sparked a series of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and abuse claims against him. Gene Deal added that he’s willing to take the stand if authorities want to ask him about Diddy’s relationship with Kim Porter, who died in 2018 and shares three biological children with Diddy (twins Jessie, D’Lila, and son Christian Combs). Diddy was also a father figure to Kim Porter’s son, Quincy Brown, whom she shared with Al B. Sure.

Gene Deal said,

“Even if they call me about the abuse with Kim … If they say ‘Yo, Gene, did you see him beat Kim?’ I’ll say, ‘On that particular case, no.’ Have I seen him rough Kim up and use the pillow … He likes to play fight, and be hurting the girls while he play fight. Have I seen him do that? Yeah, I’ve seen him doing that.”

Kim Porter

He later added,

“I have no problem sitting in a court of law, doing my due diligence, and testifying on stuff I already spoke of on the internet. When I talked about him abusing Kim and she had to cut his wrist to get him off of her, I will tell what I saw when I went to the hospital. I don’t have no problem. I don’t care what nobody say, I don’t care what nobody think.”

He pointed out that he’s already made most of his claims online so he would have “no problem” reiterating them on the stand.

See what else Gene Deal had to say in the clip below.

Also in the interview, he shared that he’s been receiving “hate mail” from fans criticizing him for speaking out against Diddy and

“trying to take a Black man down.”

However, Gene Deal said that’s not the case.

“No, I went through every step you are supposed to go through when you got a problem, you got a situation, you got an issue with a man.”

He added,

“By him doing the things he did, and taking the avenue he took, he’s suffering the consequences, and I don’t feel bad at all.”

Gene Deal went on to reference the“Money, Power, Respect” song by The LOXDMX, and Lil Kim, telling Diddy,

“You got your respect in the street, that gave you your power, that brought you your money. Totally different thing. He let that money, power and respect go to his head, but he had it a** backwards. So, do I care what happens? He got enough money to buy his way out of this…so we think.”

Furthermore, Deal explained why he believes that the “All About The Benjamins” rapper might take his life to avoid prison.

“When you’re a narcissist, there’s always a possibility cause you’re suffering.”

Deal’s remarks came after Homeland Security Investigations agents raided Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami last Monday (March 25). The federal agents searched the record producer’s homes as part of a sex trafficking investigation.

Since then, Diddy has returned to Instagram, posting a picture of his youngest child on Easter Sunday (March 31). The caption read, 

“HAPPY EASTER from Baby Love”

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Authored by: B Gregory