Kevin Hart Accuses Ex-Assistant Miesha Shakes Of ‘Covertly Listening’ To His Private Conversations ‘Through The Walls’ In His Lawsuit Against Her

Kevin Hart Accuses Ex-Assistant Miesha Shakes Of ‘Covertly Listening’ To His Private Conversations ‘Through The Walls’ In His Lawsuit Against Her

Kevin Hart isn’t letting up on his former assistant.

The comedian and actor, 44, is accusing Miesha Shakes of eavesdropping on his private conversations during her time on his staff. In new court documents obtained by Radar Online on Monday (April 1), Kevin Hart, who is suing Miesha Shakes for alleged “false and defamatory” comments she made during an interview with blogger Tasha K, said she also allegedly listened in on his personal “interactions” and disclosed “private information” to Tasha K.

He said of Miesha Shakes in the filing,

 “For example, she spoke about my interactions with my wife during the time period after revelations regarding the Las Vegas incident had come to light.”

He claimed that she received the information by eavesdropping and “listening through the walls.”

“I understand from speaking with my security personnel, and Shakes admitted during the interview, that Shakes obtained some of the information she discussed in the interview by covertly listening through the walls, with her ear to the wall, to private interactions occurring behind closed doors at our offices.”

He added that due to Shakes’ remarks, he will continue to suffer

 “damage to my reputation, and thus to my present and future business and financial prospects.”

He said that Shakes falsely alleged that he

“made a secret video recording of a romantic encounter I had in Las Vegas 2017 and that I faced criminal charges regarding that surreptitious recording.”

Kevin Hart was previously sued for $60 million by a woman named Montia Sabbag, who accused him of conspiring with his now former friend Jonathan “JT” Jackson to secretly film their sexual encounter in Las Vegas and then leak it to promote an upcoming tour.

He said in his latest lawsuit of the claims,

“I did not record any such video, and I have never been criminally charged with doing so.”

Shakes was employed by the Think Like a Man star from August 2017 to October 2020. Last year, she sat down with Tasha K for a bombshell interview that exposed many of his alleged secrets. He claimed in his lawsuit that both Tasha K and Shakes told him that the sit-down would never go public if he paid them $250,000, which he refused. Tasha and her company Yellen Entertainment are named in Hart’s civil extortion lawsuit after the interview went live in December.

Tasha and Shakes asked for the case to be tossed out, and Shakes noted that she is no longer under an NDA, maintaining that her statements are not defamatory. Hart previously asked a judge to remove the video, however, his request was denied.

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