Kevin Hart’s Request For Judge To Force Tasha K To Remove ‘Defamatory’ Video Was Denied

Kevin Hart, Tasha K

Kevin Hart’s Request For Judge To Force Tasha K To Remove ‘Defamatory’ Video Was Denied

Kevin Hart failed to prove that Tasha K’s interview with his former assistant was defamatory.  

Comedian Kevin Hart’s attempt to legally require Tasha K to remove her one-on-one video interview with his former assistant, Miesha Shakes, has been denied. Reportedly, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge could not rule in favor of Kevin Hart due to missing transcripts of the conversation between the blogger and Shakes.

Reportedly, the judge’s explanation for his decision is due to the imprecise nature of Hart’s request, stating, 

“Part of the problem I have is that there are no direct quotes of what occurred in the hour-and-a-half interview.” 


“Just a really vague, overbroad request that doesn’t address actual malice.”

In response, the actor’s legal team wasted no time confirming that the requested transcripts were indeed available, but filing them would make the documents public record, defeating the initial request’s purpose. Hart’s attorney stated, 

“There are things said by the speakers that are illegal. It’s defamatory, it’s extortion, and it absolutely shows malice on their part. Not once was there ever any claim stating that my client committed a crime until this video. I think that’s important. Adultery is one thing, but adultery is not illegal.”

Kevin Hart, wife Eniko Hart

As previously reported, Hart accused Tasha K of trying to extort money from him in exchange for not sharing the alleged defamatory interview which includes not only claims of multiple infidelities, but also gambling problems, a covered up DUI and more.

Hart’s attorney’s have not confirmed whether or not they will submit the interview transcripts for the judge to review.

Kevin Hart

Tasha K has not responded to the recent ruling and the video remains posted on her social media platforms.

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