Meek Mill Slams Wale For Taking A Picture w/ His Former Friend: ‘Now Ima Treat Him Like The Streets Everytime I See Him’

Meek Mill, Wale

Meek Mill Slams Wale For Taking A Picture w/ His Former Friend: ‘Now Ima Treat Him Like The Streets Everytime I See Him’

Another rap beef is brewing.

This morning Meek Mill wasted no time hopping on X and slamming fellow rapper Wale for linking with someone he’s no longer cool with. To kick off his series of fiery posts, Meek Mill shared a picture of the “Ride Out” artist alongside someone he seemingly has an issue with. Meek Mill captioned the post,

“Wale never liked me… now ima treat him like the streeets everytime I see him … I gave him 1000 chances these guys be thinking they linking with the enemy clown *ss n*gg* I wish I woulda knew the other day I woulda stretched you!”


Appearing to address what Meek Mill said, Wale, 39, wrote via his own X account,

“When u get in other people unserious drama in this industry 90pct of the time they be back friends… eventually ..and then u look silly… in the end… so I love minding my business. If a photo can create such vitriol , one has to ask himself some questions. Happy Monday”

Unfortunately, the response only seemed to anger Meek, 36, more. Continuing his rant, he said,

“The females been being more solid then the males nowadays why is it men doing tell allls and pic link ups … if yall don’t like me that much go at me!”

Meek Mill then posted a video of Ant Glizzy telling DJ Akademiks about a time when Wale allegedly tried to set him up. He added above the interview clip,

“I ignored this because if this was true you would be in danger … but now I see you around guys that’s on full meek campaigns I get you..I wouldn’t of dat you and made you uncomfortable around my family the other day! That’s why you tried to post Mike but hate me lol”


#AntGlizzy tells the story of when #Wale tried to backdoor and set up #MeekMill ??

? original sound – Akademiks

In follow-up posts, Meek wrote,

“I’m on to you when I seen you fashion week you was drunk speaking on rappers with 200 models in the room… your energy was off… let me know so we can solve this immediately if you feel a way about something!”

“If I call Glizzy and he say yeah that’s a different level of danger I have to access with you … I just didn’t ask because I’m more developed and I know you a hoe! But believe I find out any of this true I’m on you!”

He continued,

“This why the rap game screwed along of n*gg*s be having these secretly jealous vibes you can’t do songs or tours with them lol he’s always been jealous of me but tryna link with meek haters intentionally ..wale killed all his relationships dont come around again with bad energy!”

Meek didn’t need there. He then claimed he once violated his probation to help Wale in a fight.

“When I met wale he got beat up at his bday party in dc got his teeth knocked out … I jumped in because a celebrity like him invited me I was violating probation in dc risked my life… to find out he never liked me will make you angry! That’s just me tho”

“This was b4 phones came out …. I went with young Chris … only me coon and Matt jumped in! I stayed quiet but soon as he got around me my aura made his demons shake! I tried to be cool with this lame for Ross business I woulda been treated him”

The Philadelphia native also responded to a fan who brought up claims Diddy once hung Wale over a balcony, writing,

“I don’t believe no Diddy story once they lied about me now! Anybody try to sexually assault me it will be a bang out on the spot how yall don’t know that lol I don’t care but yall confusing my son he’s 12 with people saying his dad gay it’s sick now outchea so f*ck it lol”


Wale has yet to say more on the matter.

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Do you think Meek Mill is overreacting to the picture? Tell us in the comments below! 


Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel