Update: Young M.A Shares Cryptic Message About Her Health After Video Of Rapper Caused Fans To Worry: ‘Survived Some Sh*t I Thought I Would Die From’

Update: Young M.A Share’s Cryptic Message About Her Health After Video Of Rapper Caused Fans To Worry: ‘Survived Some Sh*t I Thought I Would Die From’

Update: (Sept. 27, 2023): Young M.A seems to be doing much better!

Earlier this year many expressed concern for the rapper after footage of her getting a haircut surfaced online. In the clip, Young M.A appeared to be exhausted and had a noticeably yellowish hue to her eye color. As fans called for the “Kold World” artist to seek medical help she released a statement and, in part, let everyone know she’s “been dealing with various personal health issues the last few years.”

She added,

“Rest assured I’m in good spirits and everything will be explained in the MUSIC … plus a documentary. Love y’all MAB! Don’t worry I’m good!”

In a new post recently shared to Instagram, Young M.A gave her 7.1 million followers another update and said,

“Survived some sh*t I thought I would die from…”

In the image attached to the cryptic caption, the yellowish hue that previously appeared over the rapper’s eyes is no longer there.

In another recently shared post, she wrote,

“Never was a setback I just had to sit back”





Original Story: (Apr. 10, 2023): No worries, Young M.A is back and even better!

Following the troubling viral video of Young M.A that broke the internet not too long ago, she has since taken to social media to briefly address the current status of her health.

Young M.A

As you may know, last month, Young M.A was spotted at a barbershop getting a haircut when the Brooklyn-born rhymer sparked worry for fans who pointed out a noticeably-yellow hue to her eye color and (seemingly) significant hair loss.

Subsequent to the online outcry, in a recent Instagram Story, M.A vaguely opened up about the reason for her absence from the music scene and her plans to make a post-recovery return in the coming months.

Upon alluding to privately battling an illness, M.A said,

“I know I been low-key. You know what I mean? Long story short, basically, you know, um, just a small setback for just a comeback.”

Young M.A

She continued by indicating that she wasn’t quite ready to share (exactly) what she’d been enduring throughout her time away from the industry but would reveal it to the public soon.

M.A expressed,

“Unfortunately, I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life, and you know… things [started] to catch up with [me]. Or whatever the case [may be]. So, I just want y’all to know, uh–besides all that–I’m actually doing much better. Um, I been getting well.” 

According to the “Herstory” lyricist, she’s completely cut out her alcohol consumption, as she’s focusing on her journey to 100% healing. Many have suspected that M.A’s sickness is possibly due to issues with her liver or kidney.

She explained,

“I been very much sober.”

While M.A opted not to go too much into detail, she did announce that she’d been in the booth working on some bangers, and a documentary would be accompanying the forthcoming hits.

“Besides, you know, dropping new some music, of course, I’ma also have a documentary… uh… with my story, or whatever the case [may be]. So I can keep y’all in tune [and] catch y’all back up ’cause I know y’all been wondering and all that.”

Young M.A

However, she admitted that she’s notoriously known for keeping her personal business off the radar but felt as if she owed it to her supporters to be transparent.

“Y’all know I’m mysterious. You know, I keep my personal problems to myself, but… now, it’s time to, you know, expand that and express that to y’all.”

A week ago, the 31-year-old brought in her birthday on a yacht with loved ones.

In the caption, she wrote,

“Just blessed to be blessed. 31 years on this earth. Been grateful and still grateful! Happy bday to a Kween!”

Additionally, in the clip posted to her Story, the celebrated rapper made it clear that it’s going to be “one of M.A’s summers” musically.

Concluding her statement to the stans, she ended it off with,

“Bare with me, too, man, because, like, I know… I know, it be me, it be me! My fault. I love y’all. You know? But things happen, unfortunately. But… I got y’all back. Man, I’m still here. I ain’t going nowhere!”

It’s great to see Young M.A in good spirits!

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell