Tamar Braxton Reveals Late Sister Traci Played A Huge Hand In Family’s Decision To Revive ‘Braxton Family Values’ Following Previous Issues w/ WEtv

Tamar Braxton Reveals Late Sister Traci Played A Huge Hand In Family’s Decision To Revive ‘Braxton Family Values’ Following Previous Issues w/ WEtv

Ask and you shall receive.

In November 2023, theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported that “Braxton Family Values” was returning to WEtv. The series, which follows the lives of the famous Braxton sisters and their mother Evelyn, premiered in 2011 and quickly became a fan favorite for reality TV watchers. Unfortunately, despite the large fandom surrounding “BFV,” the show reportedly had some major behind-the-scenes problems, causing the original run of the program to end in 2020.


Monday night (Apr. 22) Tamar Braxton joined famed producer Carlos King on stage in Atlanta for his “Reality With The King” tour. During the sold-out event, the “Love and War” singer revealed why the Braxtons decided to work with WEtv again following previous issues with the network. After sharing that Carlos King encouraged her to return to the world of reality TV, she revealed that her late sister Traci Braxton and her mom really wanted their family to finish what they started.

She said,

“There are three reasons why [we returned]. The first reason why is because this is something that Traci wanted us to do. During her final days, this was something that became important to her. And I remember calling [Carlos King] in tears because I was so conflicted because I did not know what to do.”

Traci Braxton

As previously reported, Traci Braxton, unfortunately, passed away in 2022 following a battle with cancer. Tamar Braxton continued,

“Number two, my mother asked me to come back because she wanted the remaining of her daughters to finish a show that was so important, not to just this community, but to her as a mother and also to her daughters.”

She added,

 “And number three, the reason why I came back is because they gave me all of my things that I deserved during the first round.”

Traci, Toni, Evelyn, Trina, Tamar and Towanda Braxton

Tamar has been vocal about the wrongful way she and her family were treated amid the initial run of “BFV.” In addition to exploitation claims and allegations they were underpaid, she previously slammed the network for using her reported suicide attempt “for pleasure and ratings” in promotional footage for season seven, despite not being on the show at the time.

Detailing ways her relationship with WEtv has improved since the last time they worked together, Tamar said,

“Usually when you go to a network and you create a show so big as the Braxtons…you usually get like, number one: a real producer credit, number two: producing opportunities to be able to have your own company and producer other shows and things like that. And also, a substantial amount to make you feel better about the situation, and they gave me those things.”

Elsewhere during her chat with Carlos King, Tamar revealed one major change to the rebooted “Braxton Family Values” series is that she will serve as a friend to the show instead of being a full-time participant. Explaining why, she added,

“I have to be mentally responsible. It was a lot for me, and a lot of people want to feel like everything I went through was fake or to get out of a contract…and it wasn’t. I was really going through it.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel