Brittish Williams Poses & Smiles In Prison As She Serves 4-Year Sentence For Fraud

Brittish Williams Poses & Smiles In Prison As She Serves 4-Year Sentence For Fraud

Brittish Williams appears to be doing okay behind bars.

The Basketball Wives star was seen posing and smiling in new photos taken from prison. Her friend, who goes by @raquelrasha on Instagram, shared the pictures of Brittish Williams on Wednesday (April 24).

She captioned the images,

“Locked up, Not f***** up [fingers crossed emoji] Forever us[red heart emoji] ….literally my right hand [infinity emoji] #inaminute


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Brittish Williams’ BBW co-star Duffey commented,

“Tell her I said hi [red heart emoji]”

BBW star Brandi Maxiell also wrote,

My baby girl!!! I miss her so much [red heart emoji]”

Brittish Williams was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to 15 felony charges including tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, and her involvement in three pandemic loan schemes.
She confessed to the crimes including falsifying her income taxes from 2017 to 2019 and lying about her nieces and nephews being her dependents to avoid paying nearly $30,000 in owed taxes. She used other people’s social security cards to open new bank accounts and stole checks from other victims before depositing the money into her false accounts. She racked up nearly $24,000 in stolen funds.
She also used coronavirus pandemic loans to fund her luxury lifestyle after receiving about $52,000.

Brittish Williams

She was sentenced to four years in prison and ordered to pay $564,000 in restitution. She appealed the sentence as excessive, stating that she was being used as an example because of her celebrity status. She went MIA when she was supposed to surrender and was later detained to begin her sentence earlier this year.

Her ex-fiancé Lorenzo Gordon was indicted in January for coronavirus loan fraud after previously claiming he had no idea about Brittish’s crimes.

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