Scrappy Calls Ex-Wife Bambi A ‘Psychopath’ &  ‘Pathological Liar’ During Heated Blowup After Refusing To Shake Her Hand

Scrappy, Bambi

Scrappy Calls Ex-Wife Bambi A ‘Psychopath’ &  ‘Pathological Liar’ During Heated Blowup After Refusing To Shake Her Hand

Video footage of rapper-turned-reality-star Scrappy’s intense confrontation with his ex-wife Bambi is currently circulating online.

The former couple engaged in a fierce argument about the nature of their relationship in the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” which started after the musician refused to shake his ex’s hand.

Scrappy and Bambi, along with several of their co-stars, were attending an event together when the blowup happened. The ex-spouses, who married in 2017 and divorced in 2023, came face to face in the episode as they were encouraged by their castmates to show a friendly gesture by shaking hands. Scrappy, however, quickly made it clear he had no intentions of doing so, arguing that co-parenting is gesture enough. He said:

“We’re parents…we don’t do hugs.”

Lil Scrappy

After settling on a fist bump, however, the “Head Bussa” rapper accused Bambi of pretending to get along with him to save face in front of their friends. Scrappy claimed that in text messages, he’s often insulted by his ex-wife and accused her of lying about how she treats him. Bambi reversely challenged her ex to give proof of his accusations and claimed he’s just upset he no longer has her, stating:

“You are just mad because you will never get it again.”


Triggered by the remark, Scrappy rebutted:

“Who you?!…you’re a pathological liar…you’re a psychopath”

The two continued to exchange shots, with Scrappy comparing Bambi to his mother Momma Dee, who famously disapproved of their relationship. Becoming overwhelmed with tears, Bambi labeled her former hubby “ungrateful” for not appreciating how she paid half their bills, carried his three youngest children — Xylo, Breland, and Cali — and still held her own career.

Bambi & children

Their TV co-stars all seemed to be uncomfortable being in the middle of the situation but were unsuccessful at calming things down. Scrappy finally exited the scene, leaving some of the women to comfort Bambi. Reacting to the clip, social media users seem to understand both sides of the situation. Some feel Scrappy didn’t owe a handshake while others expressed empathy for Bambi.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson