Emmanuel Acho Labeled ‘Cornball’ & ‘White People’s Savior’ By Amanda Seales Over His Controversial Comments On Angel Reese

Angel Reese, Emmanuel Acho, Amanda Seales

Emmanuel Acho Labeled ‘Cornball’ & ‘White People’s Savior’ By Amanda Seales Over His Controversial Comments On Angel Reese


Amanda Seales has entered the chat!

The multi-talented entertainer’s interview with Shannon Sharpe was released today (Apr. 24) and, as expected, she didn’t hold back. One of the people Amanda Seales had smoke for during the 3-hour conversation was sports analyst Emmanuel Acho, 33. As previously reported, earlier this month Emmanuel Acho was slammed by critics for controversial remarks he made on TV while giving his opinion on recently drafted WNBA player Angel Reese. At the time, the 21-year-old made headlines for a tearful LSU post-game interview she gave reflecting on the death threats and unwarranted hate she’s received online.

Speaking on the emotional moment, Acho infamously said,

“I’m about to give a gender-neutral, racially indifferent take…Angel Reese, you can’t be the big bad wolf then kind of cry like courage the cowardly dog.”

It didn’t take long for the masses to come to Angel Reese’s defense, and Amanda Seales, 42, is clearly one of the supporters in the Chicago Sky rookie’s corner. Speaking on Acho and his choice of words, she passionately said,

“She is a young person! Do you know how disgusting that is and that cornball n*gg* who loves to make himself look like he’s the white people’s savior!”

After clarifying she was referring to Acho, Seales continued, mocking the former Cleveland Browns player, she said,

“Corny *ss…’Come talk to me, white people, I’m the Black guy that’s nice.’ Cut it out! It’s ridiculous!” 

Following his initial statement, Acho did issue somewhat of an apology, saying,

“I understand. I understand. I think life is all about understanding. And so I just want to applaud those publicly, you watching, and those who have privately who have respectfully, the operative word being respectfully, who have respectfully reprimanded me.”

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Do you agree with what Amanda Seales said about Emmanuel Acho? Tell us in the comments below!

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel