Update: Amanda Seales Lashes Out At Media Coverage Over Her Not Being Invited To Black Awards Show: ‘You Cannot Break Me’

Amanda Seales

Update: Amanda Seales Lashes Out At Media Coverage Over Her Not Being Invited To Black Awards Show: ‘You Cannot Break Me’

Update (April 4, 2024): Amanda Seales isn’t backing down. The outspoken activist and actress is slamming media coverage surrounding her after she revealed she was not invited to a recent Black awards show.

She took to social media to express her grievances with one particular headline that read, “Amanda Seales is not a victim of anything but her own hubris.”

In response, Amanda Seales said,

“Okay honestly, I’ve had enough. What the f*ck is wrong with y’all? Really? Three pieces! Three, from three people I have never met in my life, from three publications that is supposed to be about uplifting Black people, which is all I have dedicated my life to doing.”

Amanda Seales

She continued,

“Sh*t! What hubris do I have? You people literally cannot stand that someone has studied, and is speaking on what they studied. That someone has read and is speaking on what they read. You can’t stand that someone loves us. That someone loves us so much that their passion is so exemplary and exuding through the phone that it touches that have literally never felt love that much and they don’t know how to process it. That’s what you’re feeling.”

She went on to show love to her supporters, adding a message for her critics.

“You people who are continuing to attempt to break me down, you will not break me. You cannot break me. I am loved, I am anointed, I am touched, I am working through the blood of our ancestors, you will not break me. And it is so sad that you are so broken that this is the effort that you would take to try and get some clout.”

She added that if she were to break, people would celebrate and see that as proof of her “doing too much.”

She concluded by applauding Black women who support other Black women, adding,

“The rest of y’all can suck a…”

Original Story (March 17, 2024): Actress Amanda Seales is expressing her frustrations with being excluded from Black Award Show spaces.

The media personality took to social media recently, claiming she’s often not invited as a guest to the events despite sometimes being nominated for an award or even asked to host.

Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales, 42, spoke about the topic while thanking her more than 2 million Instagram followers for their support recently. She stated:

“If it wasn’t for y’all, I would really think that I ain’t doing sh*t. Because the industry I’m in does not recognize me.”



She continued:

“To be clear I’m speaking about the Black spaces in the industry I’m in…which is largely in part why I realized I need to shift out of this industry…I don’t get invited to Essence Women in Hollywood. I’ve NEVER been invited to the NAACP Image awards. I’ve been nominated for an Image award, never been invited.”

Amanda Seales

Seales went on to suggest that her credibility within Black award spaces doesn’t seem to matter even if she’s a nominee or has hosted. Specifically, the ‘Insecure’ alum referenced the 2020 BET awards show where she hosted from her home during the COVID 19 pandemic. She added:

“Never been honored at Black Girls Rock…I literally hosted the BET Awards in 2020 in my house and I was not invited to the BET Awards since.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with Seales’ work, the actress was one of the starring cast members of Issa Rae’s Insecure from 2017 – 2021, and briefly co-hosted daytime talk show The Real in 2019/2020. Additionally, the internet star is well known across social media for her blunt and honest political commentary. She’s often advocating against police and government brutality and doing her best to uplift the Black community. In 2020, she launched her Smart, Funny, & Black comedy gameshow that showcases Black culture, history, and experience.

Despite her efforts, however, it appears the comedian continuously feels slighted by the Black award show spaces that are specifically meant to recognize contributions to Black culture. She went on in her video once again thanking her supporters for showing her love even when her industry doesn’t. She continued:

“So I just want to thank y’all for always reminding me that I really am valuable because the game and the industry that I’ve been in has never let me know.”

Many of Seales’ colleagues and supports also chimed in, leaving words of thoughts and encouragement.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson