Amy Robach Agrees Boyfriend T.J. Holmes Gets Treated ‘Very Differently’ As A Black Man After He’s Accused Of Stealing Woman’s Cell Phone On A Flight

T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach

Amy Robach Agrees Boyfriend T.J. Holmes Gets Treated ‘Very Differently’ As A Black Man After He’s  Accused Of Stealing Woman’s Cell Phone On A Flight

Amy Robach is standing by her man!

Amy Robach, 51, and T.J. Holmes, 46, shared an unsettling experience while on a flight to Los Angeles. During Tuesday’s (April 30) episode of the Amy & T.J. podcast, the former news anchors recounted an incident where T.J. Holmes was accused of stealing a passenger’s cell phone. According to T.J. Holmes, the situation unfolded when a woman on the flight claimed he had taken her phone, prompting a heated exchange:

“I was using the bathroom up front — right next to the cockpit — and I come out and there’s a flight attendant standing there with this little old lady… She’s standing there and the flight attendant asks, ‘Did you see a phone in there?’ and I immediately turned around and said, ‘Oh, no. I didn’t see anything.'”

Despite Holmes’ denial, the situation escalated when the passenger approached him and insinuated that he had taken her phone.

Holmes explained:

“And she is a short lady so I actually crouched down, put my hands on my knees and got down on her level and I say, ‘Ma’am are you telling me I took your phone?’”

Holmes then recalled making his way back to his seat and moments later the lady retrieved her phone.

“I stood there and watched her go through this process up there with this phone. Sure enough, she found her phone in a seat somewhere.”

Holmes prefaced this segment in their podcast by mentioning being treated differently as a Black man:

“We’ll get into this later about things you’ve witnessed as watching a Black man go through some of the same, I guess, scenarios in life, but getting treated differently.”

Robach replied,

“Very differently.”

Since sparking romance rumors in November 2022, Robach and Holmes have been at the center of numerous headline-grabbing stories. Despite facing challenges such as their departure from GMA3 and navigating divorces from their respective spouses, the couple has remained persistent. In the premiere of their podcast, they clarified that they were outed as being in a relationship, not as adulterers, as they had already initiated divorce proceedings from their previous marriages. Now, they’ve shared that they’re contemplating marriage but have yet to make any final decisions, opting to approach their relationship one step at a time.

Seems like Amy Robach understands the plight! Share your thoughts below.

Authored by: Aaron Keenan