DaniLeigh Takes ‘Accountability’ For Past Actions After Questioning Why Her Music Isn’t Selling: ‘I’m Human & I’m Growing’


DaniLeigh Takes ‘Accountability’ For Past Actions After Questioning Why Her Music Isn’t Selling: ‘I’m Human & I’m Growing’

Songstress DaniLeigh isn’t afraid to admit she’s made some mistakes throughout her music career.
Earlier today (May 1) the “Easy” artist slid into the comment section of TheNeighborhoodTalk to elaborate on a recent Snapchat video she shared that’s gaining traction online. In the video, which has since found its way across other social platforms, DaniLeigh candidly asked her supporters why they think her music career has been stalled. She said,
“It’s just crazy how soon as I dropped that album, first of all, Covid was happening and then I did some stupid sh*t, and then it’s just like boom, it stopped everything.” 
DaniLeigh didn’t specify what “stupid sh*t” she was referring to, however, the comment probably has something to do with the controversy she faced around January 2021 after previewing her unreleased song “Yellow Bone,” where she raps,
“Yellow, yellow what he want (What he wants, what he wants)
Yellow bone that’s what he wants (What he wants, what he wants)”


Continuing in her Snapchat video, DaniLeigh questioned why her November 2020 album “Movie” wasn’t well-received (or really received at all) by the masses.

“No record label push. I was on hiatus. It’s just crazy that, that music didn’t even get the opportunity, but it’s just like why, what was the reason?”

She continued,

“And then ‘Tasty,’ that sh*t was fire, it really gets me emotional, and then boom, I get in trouble. It’s just like wow, right when I dropped it. Right when I dropped my album. It’s like, what was the reason?” 

Again, DaniLeigh didn’t detail what she got in trouble for, but there’s a strong chance she was referring to the felony hit-and-run charge she was hit with on May 30, 2023, two days after she dropped “Tasty.”

Despite questioning why her music is seemingly going under the radar, DaniLeigh made it clear that she takes “accountability” for all her previous mishaps. She said,
“oh lord … wasn’t meant for this internet to see .. just my snapchat friends .. I def take accountability for all of my past. i’m human and i’m growing .. won’t speak on it all bc of legal reasons . but kno that I am sorry.. hope everyone has a good day .. not gonna read these comments cause ima be a big baby “
What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Any advice for DaniLeigh to help her music pop? Tell us in the comments below! 
Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel