Sukihana Trends After Dropping Diss Record Aimed At City Girls Member JT: ‘Tell Them How You Worship Satan’

Sukihana, JT

Sukihana Trends After Dropping Diss Record Aimed At City Girls Member JT: ‘Tell Them How You Worship Satan’

As one rap beef (seemingly) starts to cool off, another is heating up!

Destiny Henderson, famously known as Sukihana, kicked off her Wednesday (May 8) by dropping a diss rap that many feel is (clearly) aimed at fellow rapper JT, full name Jatavia Johnson. The track, labeled “COCAINE,” wastes no time hinting at who the insults are meant for, saying near the start,

“You been hating on Caresha since a baby / you got booked 3 years / you was stealing out of Macy’s”

She goes on to rap,

“Everybody in Miami say you suck d*ck lazy / You demonic *ss h*e, tell them how you worship Satan / Pray to God through your B now you come home and you hate ’em / Ole thieving *ss angry beaver looking motherf*cker / You was mad at Ice Spice cause your n*gg* wanna f*ck her”

While Sukihana never mentions JT directly, subliminal messages like that don’t really leave room for much speculation. If you’ve been tuned into our daily posts over at, you already know last June reports circulated that JT and Ice Spice had a little spat at the BET Awards. Initially, it was rumored the incident had to do with JT’s significant other — Lil Uzi Vert — giving too much attention to the “Deli” rapper during the event. However, insiders close to JT soon claimed what occurred had nothing to do with Ice Spice, and she was upset she lost her seat when the audience was shuffled around.

Sukihana’s mention of JT’s group mate Caresha, stage name Yung Miami, probably has something to do with the heated back-and-forth the ladies had on X (formerly known as Twitter) last month. However, it’s important to note they appear to have made up since then.

JT, Yung Miami

For those confused as to why Suki has decided to set her sights on JT: the two have been going at it lately on X over due to allegations the Miami native shaded Suki first on her newest single “Okay.”

The reactions to Suki’s diss record have been somewhat mixed. Some felt the tune was subpar, but others praised the rapper for taking their drama off the internet and getting in the booth.

See what the public had to say on the matter below:

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Do you think JT will respond? Tell us in the comments below! 

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel