Beyoncé Leaves Drea Kelly Shocked After Recreating Her Viral ‘Hands To Hands’ Choreography: ‘I Am Speechless!’


Beyoncé Leaves Drea Kelly Shocked After Recreating Her Viral ‘Hands To Hands’ Choreography: ‘I Am Speechless!’

Drea Kelly has hit the ultimate jackpot in the world of moments going viral. The famed dancer went viral last month thanks to her dance moves to Beyoncé’s “II Hands II Heaven” single from her Cowboy Carter album. With countless memes and recreations throughout the internet, Queen Bey decided to join the fun.

Beyoncé set social media ablaze when she recently posted a stop-motion video recreating Drea Kelly’s initial moves. The video, posted on Beyoncé’s Instagram, showed a behind-the-scenes look at her celebrating her protegé, Chloe Bailey’s successful performance at this year’s Coachella.


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Drea Kelly has since responded to Beyoncé’s rendition and wrote on her Instagram story Wednesday (May 8),

“Wow! I am speechless! @beyonce hit’n my choreography…thank you for putting an even BIGGER SMILE on my face”

She also shared a side-by-side of her and Beyoncé performing the moves together on her profile.


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In a recent interview with USA Today Drea Kelly confessed that someone added the hit song to a two-year-old video.

“I do burlesque. So that original choreography is to Muddy Waters, ‘I Just Want to Make Love to You’ and somebody put Beyoncé’s music on it. And the next thing I know…they put her music over one of my classes, they put her music over one of my videos. And in Chicago, there’s a dance called the Percolator. This move that everybody sees me doing is actually an old school, house-music dance, and it fits perfectly.”

Nonetheless, X (formerly Twitter) users are having an equally strong reaction to Beyoncé playing along with the rest of us.

One user wrote,

“Y’all made that challenge to mock Drea Kelly and Beyoncé is literally doing the choreography. Let this be a reminder to be confident and bold in exactly who YOU are, the right eyes are always watching”

Users also had fun commenting on the latest iteration of the viral hit. Another wrote

“Beyoncé is so petty for doing the Drea Kelly dance in stop motion. Lmaooooooo like girl if you don’t tell Blue to record & give us a VIDEO”

With over 60,000 X followers and half a million Instagram followers, fans and spectators are privy to Kelly’s dance moves. The choreographer has been teaching dance and burlesque lessons in Atlanta for quite some time now. The former wife of R&B singer, R. Kelly remerged in recent years after the Surviving R. Kelly special aired on Lifetime.

Drea has shown that dancing has no age limits as she lives in bliss. And fans are taking notice.

Another user posted

“I hope Drea Kelly is somewhere having her a good cackle and a lil’ prosecco.”

As fans eagerly await news on any tour news or music videos from Beyoncé, they’ll have to settle for the superstar’s latest viral moment.

Here are other users’ reactions.

“I know we get our jokes in but Drea Kelly is an amazing dancer and her body is tea”

Will Drea Kelly be joining Beyoncé on the Cowboy Carter Tour? Comment below.

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Authored by: Justin D. Jenkins