JT Denies Dissing Sukihana & Slams The Zeus Star For Attempting To Use Her For Clout: ‘You KNEW I Wasn’t Talking About YOU’

JT, Suki

JT Denies Dissing Sukihana & Slams The Zeus Star For Attempting To Use Her For Clout: ‘You KNEW I Wasn’t Talking About YOU’

Rap stars JT and Sukihana have been having a heated back and forth on social media.

The entertainers have been hurling insults at one another ever since the Zeus star accused the City Girls member of shading her on a song.


The drama began after Sukihana posted a video asking JT to clear up speculations that a line about crab legs and broken teeth in her recently released single “Okay” was a shot at her. After the Miami rapper was silent on the matter, the “Baddies” star began targeting JT directly, writing in one post uploaded to X (formerly Twitter):

“She pretty then a muf**a but she be doing cocainnnn”

She added in another:

“Y’all pray for me nothing wrong it’s just Jt lips use to be so white”

Following Sukihana’s tweets, social media users continued to fuel tensions between the two with some surmising that JT’s silence was either an admission of truth or her being afraid of going toe to toe with Sukihana. However, the “Act Up” rapper soon addressed the matter, claiming that her song was not a diss towards anyone and that she was not responding because she was busy promoting her new music, which she says Suki was fully aware of.


JT wrote in one tweet:

“to clear the air @sukihanagoat you KNEW I wasn’t talking about YOU I would’ve answered quicker if you didn’t try to do a 2 for 1 special! I never knew your tooth fell out  from eating crab legs you go viral for stupid sh*t Daily & to think I’m scared of you when I’m a Zeus subscriber is SICK!”

She added in another:

“Talking about my lips use to be white, h** yours use to be flat! Don’t let that synthetic hyaluronic acid get to your brain sardine suki”

The self-proclaimed ‘City Cinderella’ went on to take even lower digs at Suki, attacking her character and claiming that the two are not on the same level. She wrote in other tweets:

“Suki is a pick me a** b***ch a shock value baiting clueless a** h** who cosplay a real b**ch but nothing real about her talapia smelling a** h** go from network getting PIMPED still ain’t POP! Jealous envious a** h**!”

As JT let off more steam, Suki said she was not going to engage any further on social media and planned to take their beef to the booth, writing in a post:

“I was finna roast tf out of floptavia aka Ms Sh**ty girl during her coke rant but I’m gone take it to the booth and show you I can really rap bum a** long tittie bed bug looking winch”

Which prompted a slew of responses from JT.

Presently it doesn’t appear that Suki has said anything further nor has she released her diss track.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson