Wendy Williams’ Guardian Sells NYC Penthouse For $822,000 Less Than Purchase Price + Social Media Alleges Exploitation: ‘They’re Robbing This Woman Blind’



Wendy Williams’ Guardian Sells NYC Penthouse For $822,000 Less Than Purchase Price + Social Media Alleges Exploitation: ‘They’re Robbing This Woman Blind’

In a significant turn of events, Wendy Williams’ beloved Manhattan penthouse has been sold off at a considerable loss.

The transaction, which concluded on May 10th, saw the Financial District property change hands for $3.75 million, a significant $822,000 drop from the amount she purchased it for in July 2021. This process was overseen by Wendy Williams’ guardian, Sabrina Morrissey.

Regarding the sale of the former talk show host’s home, a source informed The NY Post:

“Wendy’s dream has always been to live in Manhattan in a dream apartment but never got a chance to do so. It is a very unfortunate situation.”

The news of the home’s sale and Wendy Williams’ financial loss elicited strong reactions from fans on social media, with some speculating that Williams’ guardian might be taking advantage of her current health issues.

One Instagram user wrote,

“They robbing this woman blind”

Another user shared similar concerns,

“Unfortunately, this is what happens when you surround yourself with leeches and don’t have anyone solid in your corner. The guardian syphons your money because her family is grimy and can’t be trusted either. Poor Wendy, going out like this.”

See more reactions below:

Months before news of Wendy Williams’ home sale emerged, legal documents uncovered a significant tax issue, with over half a million dollars owed in unpaid taxes. This resulted in a federal tax lien impacting her New York City condo.

The sale and tax issues arose amid ongoing personal struggles for Williams, whose team shared earlier this year that she was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. Deemed “incapacitated,” she entrusted decisions regarding the sale to a court-appointed guardian. Sabrina Morrissey assumed the role in 2022 following Wells Fargo’s claims that Williams was unable to make decisions for herself due to her health condition and was a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.”

Williams’ family members voiced concerns about her care under her guardian in the controversial Lifetime docuseries “Where Is Wendy Williams?”

Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., expressed,

“I feel like the guardian has not done a good job of protecting my mom.”

Wendy Williams and son Kevin Jr

Wanda Finnie, Wendy’s sister, emphasized that Wendy’s family should be the ones taking care of her.

She elaborated,

“You’ve had people in the family from the beginning saying that we would take responsibility with regard to guardianship and personal needs to ensure that she was healthy and taken care of … I’m not talking about her money. You put money over here. They’re people in this family that care more about the well-being of my sister than anyone. All I want is for my sister to be healthy.”

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan