Patti LaBelle’s Business Partner Charles Suitt Denies Master P’s Claim That She Only Owns 10% of ‘Patti Pie’ Company: ‘She Owns 100%’

Master P, Patti LaBelle, Charles Suitt

Master P, Patti LaBelle, Charles Suitt

Patti LaBelle’s Business Partner Charles Suitt Denies Master P’s Claim That She Only Owns 10% of ‘Patti Pie’ Company: ‘She Owns 100%’

Businessman Charles Suitt is setting the record straight, clarifying that Patti LaBelle owns 100% of the brand behind the famous “Patti Pie.”

The 56-year-old entrepreneur, who helped launch Patti LaBelle’s Good Life brand, took to The Breakfast Club to respond to comments made by rapper Master P, refuting claims that singer Patti LaBelle only owned 10% of her pie business.

When Charlamagne Tha God asked about the validity of Master P’s comments, Charles Suitt responded,

“Respectfully, Master P is out of his mind. In order to teach a masterclass, you should’ve done your research.”

He continued,

“Walmart does not own anything. They own zero percent of the pie… She [Patti LaBelle] owns 100%. Walmart buys the pies from us. They buy it from us at a wholesale price and then sell it at a retail price.”

He elaborated further,

“It was extremely reckless of Master P to say that… He’s suing Walmart now because he feels like his product wasn’t being promoted or upfront.”


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This all comes following a viral video of Master P, 54, speaking at a masterclass where he asked attendees if they knew who really owned Patti’s Good Life brand and wondered why the pies weren’t “at the back of the store.” In the clip, he states,

“Patti LaBelle owns 10% of that. So you’re buying it because it’s Patti LaBelle’s name. That company in eight years made $200M. How much went to Patti LaBelle? $20M. Where the other $180M went?”

Master P seemed to be implying that the reason why Patti LaBelle’s Good Life brand was so prominent in Walmart stores was because Walmart owned majority of the brand.

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Master P’s point of view may stem from his own experience with Walmart, as both he and Snoop Dogg have filed a lawsuit against Walmart and Post Consumer Brands, alleging that both companies intentionally undermined their cereal product, Snoop Cereal, by keeping it off store shelves and hiding it in stockrooms. According to the lawsuit, the rappers created Broadus Foods in 2022 to introduce more diversity into the food industry and support minority-owned businesses. Despite initially forming a partnership with Post to manufacture and distribute Snoop Cereal, the lawsuit claims Post did not honor the agreement and instead worked to stifle the product’s market presence.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan