NBA Baller Iman Shumpert Remixes Da Baby’s “Baby Sitter” [New Music]

Iman Shumpert Spits Flow Over Da Baby’s ‘Babysitter’

Iman Shumpert has skills on and off the court! He showed them off as he rapped on Instagram over Da Baby’s “Baby Sitter.” Check out the clip below.

And he got lots of love from other heavy-hitters in the music game like Erykah Badu and Fabolous who couldn’t help but comment.

Erykah Badu




While he’s known as an NBA player, Shumpert started his rap career a few years ago.

He penned a message for his critics back in 2015 and said,

“I do not just “spit.” To me, rapping is an art. I express myself through song when I can’t let people in on my thoughts otherwise. I need the creative process. Without expressing myself or attaching my mind to hooping and rapping, I find myself with an attitude most of the time. I become violent without them.”

“In the studio, I can wild out and it comes out sounding so good that people feel like “maybe I’m crazy too.” Then on the court, I can just be me and not look crazy.”

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