Update: Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Says All Is Well Between Him, Southside & Travis Scott After ‘Healthy Fade’ + Reveals How His Girlfriend Cher Feels About Brawl

    Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, Southside, Travis Scott, CherAlexander ‘AE’ Edwards, Southside, Travis Scott, Cher

Update: Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Says All Is Well Between Him, Southside & Travis Scott After ‘Healthy Fade’ + Reveals How His Girlfriend Cher Feels About Brawl

Update #2 (May 30, 2024): There’s no drama between Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards and Southside after they were seen getting into a fight in Cannes, France, recently.

Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards
was stopped by TMZ at an airport and when asked if everything was okay, he simply nodded and said,

“It’s all good.”

He joked that his bodyguard “didn’t have to work that night,” noting,

“Shout out to Southside that’s my n*gg*. I know he was just just defending his boy, and doing what he was supposed to be doing as his boy. I don’t got no hard feelings, it is what it is, it went how it went. Thats it.”

Pressed further about what happened, Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards said,

“I don’t wanna fight, I don’t initiate that sh*t…I ain’t about that but I’m gonna protect myself and my people.”

He added that he hasn’t spoken to Travis Scott since the incident, and when asked if he had a message for the “Astroworld” rapper or Southside he replied,

“Nah, they got the message.”

He later joked that it was just a “healthy fade.”

As for whether his girlfriend Cher was upset about the incident, he said she was riding with him.

Update #1 (May 24, 2024): New details have surfaced surrounding the explosive physical altercation that recently took place in Cannes, France.

Earlier today (May 24) video footage surfaced that the public believed showed Travis Scott and Tyga having a crazy brawl during a night out overseas. As the video made its rounds online, whispers quickly grew that the men were fighting over someone they’d both once dated, Kylie Jenner.

While there may be some truth to the dispute having something to do with the socialite, Tyga apparently wasn’t the one throwing blows with Travis in the recording.

According to a report from TMZ, things kicked off after nightclub tycoon Richie Akiva said something on the mic along the lines of “We got T-Raww, AE, and Travis in the building,” to note both rappers (and Alexander “AE” Edwards) were in attendance. Allegedly, Travis had an issue with being lumped together with someone else the mother of his two children was once romantic with and proceeded to snatch the mic from Richie’s hand.

Reportedly, that’s when AETyga’s good friend — got involved and had words with Travis. It’s said that the “My Eyes” artist threatened Tyga’s security before allegedly leaving the area and returning with Southside. Things only got more heated from there, as the report said AE and Southside became physical, and Travis soon jumped in to pull AE off his friend. It’s also noted that before things ended, AE exchanged hits with Travis as well.

None of the men reportedly involved have spoken about the incident, but Tyga recently shared a video seemingly unbothered (and untouched) on a boat.


Original Story: (May 24, 2024): The rap boys are fighting!

Video footage has just hit the internet that seemingly shows rappers Travis Scott, 33, and Tyga, 34, having a heated physical altercation. According to reports, the incident occurred somewhere in Cannes. As you may know, many celebs are in the city for the annual Cannes Film Festival. The fight recording shows a lot of chaos as two men engage in a physical altercation and the people around them attempt to break things up. The lighting in the video is dim, but many internet users believe Travis Scott and Tyga are the individuals fighting. At one point during the footage, bystanders pull one of the men back as the other picks up an item to throw at his opponent.

The reason behind the fight is unknown at the moment, however, rumors are already swirling that it has something to do with their common denominator; Kylie Jenner. In case you need a refresher, Kylie Jenner dated Tyga for years, reportedly starting their relationship in 2014 when the reality TV star was 17 and the “Taste” rapper was 24. They ended things for good sometime in 2017 and Kylie Jenner moved on to Travis Scott, eventually welcoming two kids together before they called things off in January 2023.

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner

See what people are saying about the fight below:

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel