Tamar Braxton Firmly Denies Ever Having Plastic Surgery: ‘I Haven’t Had Any Work Done, I Promise’

Tamar Braxton Firmly Denies Ever Having Plastic Surgery: ‘I Haven’t Had Any Work Done, I Promise’

Tamar Braxton is setting the record straight—her beauty is completely natural.

The 47-year-old singer and reality star stunned in sultry black lingerie as she prepared for a photo shoot, as seen on her Instagram.

Tamar Braxton

In the clip, Tamar Braxton boosts her confidence before asserting that she hasn’t undergone any cosmetic procedures.

She questioned,

“Why do y’all think I’m getting so pretty lately?”

Her glam team chuckled in the background as she made her claim, but Tamar Braxton stood her ground, adding,

“I haven’t had any work done, I promise.”

The R&B songstress took to a separate post to flaunt her ensemble, featuring a sleek black lace top paired with matching stockings.

Tamar Braxton

The post was accompanied by a caption promoting self-love, which read,

“I’m sorry y’all.. get used to it! I FINALLY LOVE ME!! This is what healing looks like. I could have NEVER done this a year ago.”

Tamar’s insistence on having had no surgery dates back to 2018 when she firmly denied undergoing a tummy tuck.

In an Instagram post from back then, she stated,

“My surgery is the damn gym. Try it!! It works!!!”

She continued,

“I love y’all…(some of y’all)….but i didn’t have no dang tummy tuck!!! There is something called HARD work!!! Plus i love to workout….. Sometimes!”

More recently, the Braxton Family Values star engaged in a conversation with gospel singer Kirk Franklin on her decision to opt out of a Brazilian butt lift.

Kirk Franklin and Tamar Braxton

In 2022, Tamar explained,

“I been on social media so long and watching everybody on social media, do you know that I thought I wanted [a] BBL? … I’m 45, what I need a BBL for? Where I’m going?”

Citing a BBL would be too expensive spiritually, Tamar remarked,

“That’s not who I am, that’s me putting on another facade. That’s me putting on another face that I gotta keep up. It’s too expensive. And I can afford a BBL praise God, but it’s too expensive spiritually and mentally for me to live that way. That’s not who I am. Who am I pretending for?”

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan