T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Harris Addresses Critics Who Slam Him Online For Claiming He’s From The ‘Trenches’: ‘Y’all Probably Get B*tched In Y’all Hood’ 

T.I., Tiny, & King Harris

T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Harris Addresses Critics Who Slam Him Online For Claiming He’s From The ‘Trenches’: ‘Y’all Probably Get B*tched In Y’all Hood’ 

King Harris is doubling down on his claims that he is, in fact, from the trenches.

During a recent Instagram livestream, T.I. and Tiny’s son, King Harris, addressed social media users calling him out for claiming that he’s “from the trenches.”

T.I., Tiny, & King Harris

As you may recall, the 19-year-old rapper made headlines in November for having a major disagreement with his parents, Atlanta rapper T.I. and Xscape singer Tiny, while watching an NFL game in a suite.  The dispute — which was captured on live stream thanks to King — appeared to start off with T.I. and others teasing King for claiming that he didn’t grow up “with a silver spoon in his mouth.” The situation quickly escalated as King claimed that he didn’t grow up privileged and spent the majority of his childhood at his grandmother’s (Tiny’s mother, Diane) house.

At one point in the footage, T.I. appeared to grab King and yelled,

“You are embarrassing yourself!” 

King Harris

Following the Harris family’s public debacle, many have since called out the teenager over the (reported) truth behind his upbringing. During one of King’s latest IG lives, he responded to negative comments that appeared to come from viewers tuned into the stream.

King said,

“Somebody said, ‘Bro is the first white slave.’ That is crazy. Y’all n*gg*s is crazy for that.”

He continued, appearing to read off comments from the live chat.

“‘You not from the trenches.’ Man, listen, some of y’all n*gg*s in the trenches hiding behind the trenches. Y’all n*gg*s is a b*tch in the trench. Like, do y’all not know it’s n*gg*s that get bullied in the trenches? So how’s the n*gg*s getting bullied in the trenches coming to tell me what I’m like? Y’all n*gg*s stop playing with me. Stop playing with me.”

He added,

“Like, all y’all n*gg*s saying y’all in the hood, y’all probably get b*tched in y’all hood. So stop playing with me. You know? Everybody in the hood ain’t gangster, everybody in the hood ain’t cut like that. N*gg*, it’s b*tch n*gg*s in the hood, too. I was raised by a n*gg* that g*td*mn, wasn’t really all the way there at the moment, you know what I’m saying? I went to school with all y’all n*gg*s, I ain’t go to no public school.”

T.I., King Harris

King concluded,

“Y’all could’ve seen me in school, and said whatever the f*ck y’all wanted to say. Had no bodyguard walking around with me at school. Any n*gg*a want this sh*t can get this sh*t, you hear me? Y’all n*gg*s from the hood think y’all so hard, y’all n*gg*s ain’t sh*t, y’all n*gg*s ain’t sh*t but soft. You think y’all hard ’cause y’all got pitbulls in y’all g*td*mn neighborhood.”


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Authored by: Ariel Whitely