The Game Could Lose His Calabasas Mansion As Priscilla Rainey, Who Won $7 Million After Suing Him For Sexual Battery, Continues Her Attempt To Collect

The Game Could Lose His Calabasas Mansion As Priscilla Rainey, Who Won $7 Million After Suing Him For Sexual Battery, Continues Her Attempt To Collect

Update (July 10, 2024): Things could get worse for The Game amid his ongoing legal battle with Priscilla Rainey. 
He was ordered to pay her a $7 million judgment after she sued him for sexual battery. The incident occurred while they were filming the rapper’s dating reality show in 2015. Although she previously said he gave her $500,000, she’s upping her efforts to get the rest, and now his home is at risk.

According to court docs obtained by All Hip Hop, Priscilla Rainey served not only The Game but also his longtime manager Wack 100 to seize The Game’s mansion.

Wack 100

Last month, a processing server issued The Game and Wack 100 a handful of legal documents from a notice of levy to a writ of execution. Specifically, Priscilla Rainey referenced the rapper’s Calabasas, Calif., home. The Game and Wack 100 were said to live at the same address. Rainey accused The Game of putting the home’s deed in Wack 100’s name to stop it from getting seized over the judgment.

Original Story (July 3, 2024): Priscilla Rainey, who won a $7 million default judgment against rapper The Game for sexual battery, has escalated her efforts to collect by subpoenaing his children’s school district for documentation.

According to court documents detailed by AllHipHop, Priscilla Rainey’s legal move on Monday, July 1, sought proof of residence, attendance records, and other details related to The Game’s children.

Priscilla Rainey

Priscilla Rainey’s lawsuit, stemming from an incident during the filming of The Game’s VH1 reality show in 2015, accused him of sexual battery at a bar in Markham, Illinois. She alleged that The Game groped her in front of witnesses, leading to a jury awarding her a substantial sum in 2016. The court granted a default judgment after the 44-year-old rapper failed to show up for his scheduled court appearances.

The Game

Late last year, Rainey’s attorney claimed she had only retrieved $500,000 of the $7 million judgment after years of litigation:

“To date, after years of multi-state litigation to discover and executive on [The Game’s] assets, Rainey has collected approximately $500,000.00 on the $7,130,100.00 Judgment, which is exclusive of interest and costs.”

Her attorney also alleged that The Game and his manager, Wack 100, have collaborated to hide assets by funneling them through various shell companies:

“[Wack 100] and [The Game] conspired together to transfer and conceal [The Game’s] assets by transferring them among themselves and shell companies under their control. No one need guess about [The Game’s] and [Wack 100’s] intent to not pay the Judgment owed by [The Game] to Rainey, as they have made it abundantly clear in various social media posts that they never intend to pay a dime to Rainer on her judgment.”

Wack 100

Despite the judgment and multiple attempts by Rainey to collect, The Game has publicly denied the allegations and vowed not to pay her.

During a previous interview, The Game said,

“I’m broke, I don’t have a dime.”

He continued,

“I don’t care about that [lawsuit]. I don’t think about that until somebody brings it up. I just know that you’re not going to rob me.”

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan