Sperm Hustlin’ ….Flo Rida Denies Fathering Child

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

Flo Rida is accused of fathering a child with Gloria Halloway who gave birth earlier this year. To prove that his sperm is not guilty, Flo Rida took a paternity test (but he used a pseudonym to protect his identity) that ruled him out as a possible father.

The baby mama (Gloria) still doesn’t believe that Flo Rida isn’t her child’s father.  She said she has yet to see a document with Flo’s REAL NAME on it … and her lawyer, Damon McDougal, tells TMZ, “There is absolutely nothing to indicate that [Flo Rida] was sampled.” Although this story is a bit entertaining, we wish the best for all involved…especially the bambino :(