[WATCH]: Fan Slaps Beyonce On The Booty During Concert, ‘I Will Have You Escorted Outta Here’

Written by tjbwriteratlanta in Blog
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This is a classic case of when keeping it real goes wrong. While singing, ‘Irreplaceable’ a fan literally smacked Beyonce on the booty as she sang, ‘Irreplaceable.’Beyonce acknowledged the fan as ‘Big Boy’ during the song and after singing lyrics to the hit the song, she turned to walked to walk away and he hit her. Mrs. Carter was performing at The Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark on the European leg of her ‘Mrs.Carter World Tour’. Beyonce paused for a second and took it in stride. She told the fan,

I’ll have you escorted out for that

Apparently, the fan was allowed to stay for the remainder of the show. Peep the video below (don’t blink, but it happens at the 0:19 mark)

Beyonce will be performing at the Staples Center, June 28.


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  • m&m

    Classy! Just like B. Great response to the over-excited fan….(but she should have had his azz escorted out for real-lol)

  • Miss AG

    I can only imagine all the thoughts that went through her head during that quik pause. Lololol “no this but#@$&% £ didn’t” haha I think he would have left more than satisfied.

  • Cityboy

    Now he can go home and sleep peacefully!! It ain’t everyday one gets a rare opportunity to smack Bey on the booty!! haha!!