Motown Records Approves of J.Lo’s Motown Tribute

Jennifer Lopez

Motown Records Approves of J. Lo’s Motown Tribute

The 61st annual Grammy Awards have come and gone, but people are still talking about one of the most controversial aspects of the ceremony—Jennifer Lopez’s Motown tribute.

It’s safe to say that some black people were not here for it, but Motown Records apparently feels differently, and they took to social media to let everyone know.

Some were not pleased with Jennifer Lopez’s Motown tribute at this year’s Grammy Awards and this was reflected by some on social media. However, whoever runs the Motown Instagram page disagrees with the masses, much like Smokey Robinson, and jumped to praise Lopez’s performance.

In dual posts on the iconic record label’s IG page, one was simply captioned “A PERFORMANCE TO REMEMBER,” with an accompanying photo of Lopez and Robinson embracing on stage during their performance. A second post featured a picture of Lopez on top of a piano while Ne-Yo looked on smiling, that caption was praising Ne-Yo’s piano playing during Lopez’s tribute performance.

You can check out both posts BELOW:

All was not lost on the Motown front though, as the legendary Diana Ross, one of the most prolific acts on Motown, had a spectacular performance at the Grammys that showcased exactly why she is a true icon.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings