[VIDEO] Ice T’s Wife, Coco, Stops By ‘The Real’ For A Lesson In Booty Shaking + Talks About Copping Breast Implants At 18

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Yeah, I’m tired of talking/writing about it too, but folk can’t seem to get enough of this whole twerkin’ (real name booty shakin’) frenzy. And whether you’re lacking in the rear end department, Ice T’s wife, Coco, is here to give us all some simple steps of this ‘phenomenom’ (**insert sarcasm here**).

c-ice t wife-coco austin-the real-twerk lessons-the jasmine brand

This week, she stopped by ‘The Real‘ and gave a few pointers for the co-hosts.

It’s such a new name, Twerk. It’s booty shaking! … You have to have a combination of muscle and a little shaking…It’s all in the (lower) back.

She also chatted on the couch about those pesky booty plant rumors:

I think it just goes back to when I first got into the picture and I heard that I had booty implants, I was so taken aback because for the longest time I was trying to hide my butt so then they’re saying I had something but then I took it as a compliment because then I was thinking, if it looks that good…

b-ice t wife-coco austin-the real-twerk lessons-the jasmine brand


And while she now considers the rumors compliments, it took her some time to get use to it. She credits her hubby of 12 years with giving her self esteem in the external area:

Like I said, I was a tomboy and I started noticing I could get a lot out of people at a certain date. I was like, 18, (and thought) wait a second, I can work with these curves. But I really kind of hide my hips. I hated my hips. Now, I flaunt it. I was always flaunting my boobs. I loved my boobs. I bought them at 18. I loved them. I was taking away from the hip area. I was covering it up and it wasn’t till I got with my husband, Ice. He’s the one, I give him credit for me being me to this day because he’s the one who’s like, ‘You have something to work with, work it. It’s unique.’

Check out  few clips from the show.

ice t wife-coco austin-the real-twerk lessons-the jasmine brand

  • Alaya_MingLee

    I still don’t think her booty is real. I refuse to believe it lol

    • kim

      I agree,I think today she didn’t have her pads on.And she looks like to me she sticks her butt out to make it look big.

  • Zaria

    OMG! Please get Tamera off this show because she is WAY to classy for this hot mess of a side show!

    • kim

      What is your definition of classy?Tamar is the most classless person up there.Where have you been?Is this your first time see her?She has toned down alittle since she had that baby.But,she is not class!!

      • kim

        I’m so sorry Zaria. miss read your comment.I missed the “a”.