Oprah Unveils A Headful Of Natural Hair For O, Defends Decision to Interview Lindsay Lohan

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I am in hair heaven!

Oprah Winfrey has unveiled her natural mane for the latest issue of her O magazine. She shared the cover on twitter Monday morning, writing:

Just revealed this new cover of o_magazine – 1 of my faves ever – Let’s talk about HAIR!

According to the cover, the issue will do an extensive feature on all things hair. Oprah showing off her non-relaxed hair is nothing new.

oprah winfrey-september natural hair issue-the jasmine brand

Last September (shown above), was the first time that she appeared on the cover of O without blow-drying or straightening her hair. In the issue, she explained that wearing her hair naturally—as she often does on weekends and on vacation—makes her feel unencumbered. But there was a time when she wanted to make the big chop, cutting all of her hair off.

I wanted to wear it close-cropped a la Camille Cosby but her husband Bill convinced me otherwise. ‘Don’t do it,’ he said. ‘You’ve got the wrong head shape and you’ll disappoint yourself.’ I took his advice.”

She continued:

I even notice a change in my dogs when they get their summer cuts: they’re friskier and livelier, feeling more themselves once the weight of the hair is released.

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And in other Oprah news, the 59-year-old mogul visited CBS’ morning show, celebrating OWN’s new success.

What a difference a year makes. When you’re in a foxhole, you hafta surround yourself with people who can help out. We did. I said it was a huge clim and now we are having fun. We are making money, we are really in the business and doing very well. So I’m happy about that.

She also shared that she had interviewed Lindsay Lohan and addressed naysayers (such as her BFF Gayle King) and critics on her decision to do so:

I don’t understand why people are doubting. This is what I know, we’re all on the same journey. People are taking different paths to get there. No matter how many many times you fail, you fall down in your life I mean you certainly have the opportunity until you take your last breath, to be redeemed. I’m in the business of interviewing people about their lives. I felt like she was honest, authentic and that she is ready. And I asked her what’s the difference between now and the other five times….I believed her.

Check out the clip below.

P.S. My favorite line in her saying that we all (*raises hand*) have the opportunity to redeem ourselves. Yesssss!