‘A BJ A Day Keeps the Divorce Attorney Away!’ Niecy Nash & NeYo Serve Relationship Advice

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There is no perfect man, woman or relationship for that matter, but a few celebs are giving us a bit of insight on what a woman can do to keep her husband from heading toward divorce court. This week, comedic actress Niecy Nash stopped by Wendy Williams to discuss her new HBO show “Getting On”,  Kim Kardashian booty selfie and everything in between. Niecy also dished on how she keeps her hubby of two years happy. She joked:

If you are in a relationship or married, I would say a BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away! Oh wait a minute, my children might be watching, kids turn off the TV, you didn’t see that!
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 Continuing with her deadpan delivery, Niecy explained why her family Christmas photo is missing one of her children:
Oh see in that picture my son look like he’s dead, cause we’re holding up his photo. This is really what happens at the holidays, mothers, when your sons get a chicken, you kinda get replaced. They show up late for the family picture and now we gotta hold up his picture like it’s his obituary.
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Then, comparing Kim Kardashian’s recent booty-selfie to one taken of Niecy at the 2007 premiere of “Reno 911!: Miami,” Niecy owned it:
I said girl… I was like settle down Kim K, I did it first!”
Niecy spoke of her  characters less-than-glamorous appearance  in the new HBO series “Getting On”,
I look like I was in 12 Years A Slave right there. It’s horrible. And you know, when we got there, HBO, they were insistent, they said take off those eyelashes, take off that glamorous hair, take off that makeup, take off that spanx. Who does that?”
Watch the entire clip.

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Meanwhile, singer/producer Ne-Yo has his own advice, sorta. His most recent relationship was with the mother of his two children, Monyetta Shaw, but he’s newly single. This week, he stopped by Bethenny, weighing in on what attracts him to a woman. He explained,

I look for the kinda woman I write songs about. I love independence. I love a woman that want’s me and doesn’t need me. If you know what I mean. I need you to have friends in life outside of me, that way when I wanna get away from you I can. It goes both ways. You don’t want your man up under your arm all the time.
Peep the clip.

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