Mariah Carey Wants Nick Cannon To Stop Discussing Sex With Ex-Girlfriends

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Some suggest that he’s transparent and truthful to a fault. If you’ve ever watched a Nick Cannon interview, the 33-year-old will answer any and every question asked of him. It’s great for fans and journalists, but it becomes a bit annoying at time to his superstar wife, Mariah Carey.

If you’re recall, during an interview with Power 106’s Big Boy Radio, the America’s Got Talent host was asked who he had been intimate with in Hollywood. He shared:

That’s a lot. I mean if you think about it, it’s LA. That’s the whole purpose, you have sex with actresses, singers, models. [Five he has slept with] Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks, Kim Kardashian.


And while some of us were entertained and amused, Mariah isn’t so much. During an interview with Howard Stern the growing business mogul told the shock jock personality that he got in trouble because of him chatting about his sexual past.  He explained:

She doesn’t care when I talk about our sex life, because our sex life is amazing. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. But…when we bring up — I’m not gonna do it — other people’s names, she’s like, ‘Why would you even do that?’


When Howard suggested that Nick’s wife was most upset that he talked about sleeping with Kim Kardashian, Nick disagreed:

You know, I don’t think so, no. ‘Cause honestly, my wife, she don’t even know who Kim Kardashian is. She doesn’t pay attention to that. I think it was more about the fact…[that I spent] time on my past.

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Nick also opened up about how his wife fires the nannies of their twins, on a regular basis:

It’s something about a woman and her children…you know, the minute the child chooses to go to the nanny before they go to the mom — I would have an issue with that, too. Everything’s on a trial basis.

He joked:

It’s just like, hey, we’re gonna see how this works out. And we’re always traveling, so the nanny might not get a plane ticket to the next city.

What are your thoughts, should Nick continue to be transparent or shut his mouth when it comes to banging women before his wife? 

  • kim

    I think it’s mariah’ s ego.Someone asked him a question,he answered it.It’s not like he was saying how good the sex was.He wasn’t comparing them to her.You know it’s her ego when he talks about how sensitive she gets about the nannies.No,one can take the place of mama.Especially, if your a good mother.And I don’t know what she’s worried about,it’s obvious that he is crazy about her.

    • DIVA

      I agree wih you Kim…it has to be a ego problem with her. It is his past. He was asked the question and he responded honestly. Everybody knew that he went with those ladies so I am sure everybody knew he had sex with them. Mariah get over it girl and keep moving…all that matters is you got him now. ijs

      • Anonymous

        Kim I also agree with you. Mariah is older than nick not sure how old, she sounds insecure. The women he slept with are pretty and younger. Ego and insecurity.

  • vapariga

    I partially agree with the above comments; No doubt that Mariah has a HUGE ego/that Nick is crazy in love with her and that she is being way too sensitive with her Nannies (hell, if your child goes to the Nanny over Mommy then you know the Nanny must be doing a great job with the kid! Who wouldn’t want that?). But as for Nick speaking on his ex’s & their sex life together, I disagree… yeah it’s great how willing he is about answering questions but it is disrespectful to his wife. Nobody wants to hear about their man or woman’s previous sex life with their ex. Nick should find a better way to answer those questions or respectfully decline & move onto the next. It’s in bad taste and totally irrelevant anyway. He is a married man.

    • Lauren

      I absolutely agree with you and could not have put it any better. It’s plain disrespectful and interviewers will push the boundaries if you let them. You do not have to answer all of their questions and you have to use your own judgement to determine what is appropriate or not. Just because its asked does not mean it has to be answered and it also does not mean they are hiding something.

  • Razzi

    If the kids are choosing to go to multiple different nannies versus going to Mariah- I dont think the nanies are the problem! And i seriously doubt that Mariah doesnt know who Kim K is.

  • Kris

    Mariah Carey seems like a “bougie bish”, I’m sorry. Is she talented? Yes but she is too much. To over the top and let’s keep it real she is an attractive woman, but she isn’t all of that…. plus who the hell doesn’t know who Kim K is? I’m mean really? Get it together. There is no escaping that chick media wise and let’s not act like she’s a slouch!

  • Sandra

    We all have a pass. It’s the present and future that we must look to. Get over it Mariah, you knew he was not a virgin when you married him and neither were you; really did you want him to be? your have beautiful have a beautiful family with a man who seems to adore you. Grow up and get over your insecurities and have a happy life before you run that man into another’s arms. Stay on you knees thanking God because you really have it made. Stop acting like a little baby; you have 2 right. Think about it.

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