[EXCLUSIVE] Kandi Burruss Drops $350K On Mama Joyce

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It’s no secret, Kandi Burruss is financially comfortable. With her professional resume including music, reality TV, production and more she is arguably self-made. So, it’s no surprise that she’s copped a new Georgia home.

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively learned that the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member has dropped a cool $350K on a new home. So what’s the big deal? We wouldn’t necessarily call it a big deal, but we did notice that the newlywed left off her husband, Todd Tucker from the deed.

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The home was purchased on September 16th and is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,599 sq ft. home in Atlanta. The home cost her a total of $353K and is a mere 4 minutes from the other property she owns which is featured on RHOA.

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  • kim

    No need for Todds name to be on it.Kandi gift to her Mom.When he gets his Mom out of an Apt. in N.Y.,he can put his name on that:)

    • DIVA

      TOTALLY AGREE! Todd name does not need to be on he deed. Kandi is very smart. It would be crazy to put his name on a home she bought for her mother.

  • vapariga

    Kandi is a wonderful daughter, as she should be…even though her Mama werks her nerves! And I agree with ^Kim^… for sure.

    • DIVA

      AGREE! She is a good daughter and I admire he for not disrespecting the person that gave her life.


    I agree with both of you, except I don’t believe in letting money run my marriage. Remember Mama Joyce and money was about to be the reason that Kandi would have lost who she confesses to be her best friend and love of her life. Money and others are the biggest reason for divorce. Also let’s not forget that Todd isn’t a bum; he swallowed a huge pill when he left his production job, family, and friends for Kandi

  • its a lovely thing she did for her mom i wish i could afford that for my mom

  • Robin

    I think her mother is a very disrespectful individual. She doesn’t know how to filter her conversations. That marriage will not last and it will be Mama Joyce’s fault. As good as her daughter is to her she is very disrespect which is not right. She is putting so much stress on her daughter by her actions it’s unexcusable. Everybody deserves respect if they give it to you. Kandi thinks it’s funny I see nothing funny about it. After what phraedra’s husband has done you don’t see her ugly comments on tv. Kandi has allowed her to get away with it and it’s only going to get worse. Her husband will not stay I’m sure of that. My Mom is like that I finally had to say I’ve been taken care of you for 28 years and I’ve am not going to let you say anything you want to me. When your good to someone it is unacceptable! !!